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  1. Saw this posted in another thread but it seems relevant. Hey Gallinari,
  2. Would you be picking anyone up? I'm leaning towards Kuzma side.
  3. Seemed to be more aggressive today. Leading the team in shot attempts is a nice sight to see
  4. 1st 20-20 game of his career. Many more to come
  5. Whiteside, Dragic and JJ should take their time to rest up. Keep the stocks comin
  6. Is Bazemore worth a #5 waiver? I would be dropping Buddy or Zbo
  7. Back to back triple doubles. Should be getting Kyle Korver a big Christmas present for fixing his FTs
  8. "but at the same time that’s what good teams do"..
  9. Trying to get this beast on my team. What are you Mitchell owners selling him for or expecting to get in return?
  10. One night after Harden goes for 26 points and 17 assists.. LeBron answers with 25 points and 17 assists. This is gonna be a good MVP race
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