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  1. I need to add a guard. Got a bye this week but my LaVine will miss some time on IL.... Cole or TJ? Yahoo H2H points
  2. B. Bogdanovic, Utah SF/PF. 22.43 R. Hachimura, Was SF/PF. 24.51 J. Richardson, Dal, SG/SF. 24.01 D. Brooks, Mem, SG/SF. 26.40 K. Porter Jr, Hou, SG/SF. 30.94 (season avg points shown) Yahoo 12 Team H2H points league one has to go! I like all these guys so it’s tough WHIR! 100%
  3. give: Jrue, Middleton, Fournier. get: Ayton, Malik, Smart 16 team Dynasty 9cat league Jrue side wins (for now) but looking to get younger. could include late 1st rounder Would you make this trade?
  4. It’s just good to see him feeling good and playing like he is capable of. He is helping my team finally
  5. True. He has been bad. Those of us who have owned him before know what he can do when healthy. I think he’ll get better as his hip gets better. Or he may not. It’s a difficult hold ... but I like what was said before ... he’s better than most anybody I could find on waivers in 16 team 9-cat, and he does not hold much trade value at this point.
  6. Lou got it together tonight! 17/5/4/2 line. 4/9 FGs. Maybe this is what he needed to jump start his season and get minutes finally. I ain’t dropping him yet.
  7. 3rd year custom league. Lots of fun scoring in this one! 3 keepers. Free league. https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league?leagueId=24031370 join us! The roster of the orphan team is attached. reply with email if you are interested and I'll send you an invite
  8. On to thinking about next year, and my 16 team dynasty league rookie draft. I have picks 4, 14, 20, 30 I really need help at QB (but RB and WR too) so I am looking to improve... but if Najee or Devonta is there at 4... I would be tempted. pick 4 - Najee Harris RB or Devonta Smith WR, or ... Trevor Lawrence QB* pick 14 - Justin Fields QB or Gainwell RB or St. Brown WR pick 20 - Z. White RB or Sermon RB or Wallace WR pick 30 - B. Jordan TE, or T. Lance QB, or Z. Wilson QB This is based on an early ranking as far as who might be available at those picks, and
  9. Yeah Rams have been great all year but not so much last week. better than Seahawks playing SF on the road?
  10. Just wanted to give credit where it's due... thanks for the feedback and advice found here! I won 3 championships yesterday! (I'm in 7 leagues) Special thanks to Rush2112 for your help on picking my starters, in particular starting Myles Gaskin, who put me on top in 2 of the 3.
  11. I am one of the few that have a 2 week championship weeks 16-17 Who do you like for D week 17: LAR vs Ari Browns vs Pit Fins @ Buf Seahawks @ SF
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