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  1. This guy looks more and more like PIppen the more he plays. Star in the making.
  2. Everytime this guy plays, he reminds me more and more of Scottie Pippen
  3. Interesting. I think he's a better shooter, but Pippen was much smarter and had some of the best footwork on the court. Defensively, I like the comparison. George is in his third year now and he's still 22. As I recall, Pippen came into the league at 22. Anyways, I think George will get a lot smart but won't be the type of passer Pippen was. However, offensively and defensively, he reminds me a whole lot of Pippen. Their play style and body of work are very similar. Both are long and athletic.
  4. That's just crazy but you're in an 8-team league which is reasonable to have all 3. I've saw a league where George/Batum/LBJ/Durant were all on the same team and it was a 12-team league.
  5. If you have Batum and George as your SG/SF, that's basically all you need as for SG/SF. There'll get you all the WING stats. As an owner of both, I'm happily giving hell to others.
  6. I didn't get that. But if he had a triple double thatd be beast considering I have both Batum and George :/
  7. I have no idea what that means and Batum is a better keeper and a better player than George. I think George will be better than Batum... Batum is on a team stacked with good players and is the 3rd option. George is going to be the go to guy in the coming years for the Pacers and the Pacers are trying to move Granger. Not to mention, George is younger too and more raw/better size/more athletic.
  8. Anyone have the feeling George can be 2.5/20/10/5/2/1 the rest of the season even with Granger coming back?
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