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  1. Murray has a super nice matchup against CIN, remove Juju
  2. Agreed with Collins, hes unbenchable right now. I have him and Ingram starting but I can't figure out if I want L Murray or Burkhead in my flex (also have Lynch). ?
  3. Thanks. I think I'm locked in on Ingram and Collins. Only reason I consider Lynch is because his usage has been up lately. SO has Murray but hes has been averaging like 2 YPC although has good matchup against CIN. Collins is hot so I want to start him somewhere. And Burkhead... I mean he has 5 Tds in 3 games but that carousel of RBs in NE has me nervous. He barely played in the 2nd half against MIA.
  4. I would start Perine, crapshoot between Anderson and Stewart. Steward might have better chance at TD. Rest looks ok to me, I wouldn't go after Forbath. Butker did great last week I'd stick with him.
  5. My keeper for 2 years in a row, I've started him every week and somehow im in the semis. I have no one else (Paul Richardson? lol)
  6. He's been on my bench in my PPR league along with L Murray, I can't sit him after what he did this week. Have to choose between: Ingram, Lynch, Burkhead, Collins and Murray. What. do. I. do.
  7. Need Burkhead to ourscore NE DEF by 13 in 1PPR. I should be good.... right?????
  8. Carr and Williams (if he has backfield to himself)
  9. Been starting Engram at TE and I want to pick up RSJ in case it goes to hell. Should I drop: Alex Collins Corey Davis Danny Woodhead Latavius Murray Paul Richardson I have Ingram, Lynch and Burkhead (flex) so I'm good on RBs but I don't any of these guys to be used against me lol. I'm leaning towards woodhead since I already have Collins and the timeshare with Allen is annoying.
  10. I'm benching this guy in PPR (unless convinced otherwise) because of the emergence of Ingram, Burkhead and now Lynch. Dude has had a nice floor past few weeks though, with goal line touches and all.
  11. Thanks for response, I flexed Davis last week but Mariota couldn't get him the ball. Might just stick with woodhead even though I have Collins.
  12. Trying to decide my flex: Woodhead (currently in lineup) Lynch Burkhead C. Davis P. Richardson I know it doesn't mean a whole lot but all are projected to score 10 points, making decision tricky. Need to win to keep playoffs alive !
  13. At least he got a good amount of looks last night, that drop in the 4th quarter on 3rd down was bruuuutal though. Still holding on...
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