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  1. You guys are either far more patient than I am...or something. Someone picked him up in my league three weeks ago (after I dropped him) and tried trading him to me. When I saw my review of the trade, I was like
  2. First two weeks I was saying hold. Then week three happened and I changed my mind. Dropped him last week. Sorry, I was wrong. This guy is a chump.
  3. Shoot, get rid of him if you're at that point. I just don't see anything on the waiver wire in my league that I would drop him for. As an example, Kevin White is on my WR watch-list and I want him. However, I don't expect the Bears passing offense to right the ship whereas I trust that Palmer and Floyd will get it going. If I thought White would capitalize on those extra targets, then bam, Floyd is kicked to the curb like a lesser known Kardashian.
  4. It always seems the blurb writers are quick to drop guys they shouldn't be recommending to drop and hold on to guys that should have been dropped weeks ago. No way would I get rid of Floyd right now unless there is something extremely tasty on WW. Just an early season funk and Fitzgerald is playing lights out. Fitz will likely wear down, like last year; Floyd will likely pick up the extra work, like last year.
  5. Arian Foster has the 3rd most yards from scrimmage per game in NFL History.
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