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  1. For his sake I hope IT can just string together a healthy season and back up that brinks truck finally...
  2. 4 games of Poeltl vs 2 games of Allen should make the decision a lot easier.
  3. This guy is balling out of his mind since the ASB. Last 7 games: 30.1 11.9 1.9 2.7 5.0 2.7 0.3 .540 7.1 1.000 2.3 2.0 League Winner
  4. Im the league manager and the AD owner needed to drop for a playoff matchup. on ESPN the option was under player acquisition settings “observe ESPN unstoppable list” and I just changed that to No.
  5. My body is ready for the PG eligible FG% anchor to return, a punt assist God.
  6. Fantasy aside it's great to see a 7 footer who weighs 275 pounds be able to recover from an achilles injury, gives hope that it's not the career altering/ending injury that it once was. In fantasy terms, good time to be riding the Boogie train!
  7. At worst you wait and see what his role looks like going forward, as people above have pointed out this guy is shooting the lights out and has absolutely secured himself minutes going forward. Giving you over 3 triples a game on over 50% shooting from the field the past month is a strong combo.
  8. I traded AD away but if I still owned him I would be reasonably optimistic. Even if you halve his season stats he is still a very valuable player, most likely more valuable than anyone you can realistically get in a trade back.
  9. He missed a few games a couple of weeks back I think? I would say he will rest up and be good to go after the All-Star break. The Thunder have been on a real tear recently so I'd guess they are just worn out
  10. CP3 and Harrell a fair return for Davis at this stage? Saw that trade so trying to gauge the general sentiment across leagues
  11. Agree with this, still very underrated value. Looking like he will average 30 mins+ ROS which will have him top 80
  12. The true believers that remain steadfast in their belief in the Lord will be rewarded
  13. The minutes are the encouraging takeaway here. Obviously New Orleans is a complete train wreck currently but Kenrich could be the big winner post-All Star, they haven't had a competent wing in New Orleans for years so I'm sure Gentry will give him a good amount of playing time ROS. I can't see AD playing every game big minutes from now on either so if you're in a strong spot and need the stats Kenrich provides he's a good bet.
  14. Does anyone think if he looks good after all-star he's worth moving for a second rounder? His injuries are causing me serious issues and Boston looks like a mess.
  15. Crazy you were able to get PG there but that is just about a perfect punt assist team as long as you round out your 3s and keep percentages strong the rest of the draft. I also have AD and Covington in a 12 team punt assist team, I suppose we both just have to reflect back to the great times they gave us earlier in the year haha
  16. Jrue is absolutely freezing Davis out on almost every possession. Even when they pass to him its halfhearted and results in a lot of turnovers, Randle had a particularly bad one when Davis was posting up. Could be a bumpy ride
  17. Over 5 weeks after an injury without a single meaningful update. If this is still the case by All-Star I'm dropping
  18. Played some good defence on Harden tonight (if that's possible). Managed to get good periphery numbers as well. He hits 2 more 3s and it's another huge line, he is looking solid.
  19. How are owners feeling now? Trade deadline approaching and the status of Davis is what will make or break our seasons. Seems like most general advice is that if you can get solid top 10 value in return trading is a good idea. I just find it nearly impossible to trade away a player with the ridiculous value that Davis has. Any thoughts?
  20. If everyone is going to hang it on this guy when he doesn't have a productive game you've got to give it to him when he delivers. Last game was 16/6 with 1 steal and 3 3s. That is a valuable line and playing 35 and 37 minutes in his last two games bodes well for his ROS outlook.
  21. Always hard to say with veterans on teams with a bunch of young players they want to play as much as possible. I think the ideal scenario for Bazemore's value is a trade to a team like Houston/New Orleans, but the odds of that happening are hampered by the fact he has a $19.3 million player option on his contract for next season. If the trade deadline passes and he is still in Atlanta he will most likely see minutes in the mid-20s in my opinion, could give him borderline standard league value but will be a case of waiting and seeing.
  22. Based on what he can do in 13 minutes and the fact the foul rate is dropping this seems like a realistic floor for Robinson. Fidale's rotation insanity will have less of a bearing on him as he is a per minute monster. If the final guy on your roster can almost single handedly win a category for you that is fantasy gold.
  23. I've got playoffs starting Feb 5, currently in first but have 3x 2 week matchups. Starting to really worry Covington won't be back for the first matchup now, does anyone know of other NBA players who had similar bone bruise issues and the timelines they had?
  24. The fact his minutes are rising every game and his usage rate are very encouraging. The all star break will only help him with his conditioning. I would be confident of a top 50-60 ROS value now if he keeps trending up
  25. I wouldn't if you are in first. They are very different players. Brook gets you elite 3s, is healthy and doesn't force you to punt FT%. Capela obviously has a huge advantage in the traditional big man categories like FG% and boards but averages slightly less blocks.
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