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  1. 5x5 redraft McCann or Sanchez
  2. If I didn’t t know better I’d think Barlow looked more like a closer than anyone on the KC club. Dude’s tough!
  3. Diekman gives up single and pulled for Trivino what a mess!
  4. 12 TM 5x5 redraft I need a closer Give Baez for Semien and Pressly
  5. 5x5 redraft Dalbac or Walsh both dropped may put a claim in for one to fill my CI needs
  6. 5x5 redraft looking for an OF5 with a little speed
  7. Auction draft today we have 5 IL spots and 5 bench spots how would you value the injured players including Mondesi?
  8. Valdez gonna be out by May, dude is soooo hitable
  9. 5x5 redraft daily league Ohtani is one player so cane be used for P or H any particular day but DOES NOT get hitting stats on pitch days I was offered either Suarez, Conforto or JD for my Ohtani
  10. Supposed to only miss 2 starts, 7-10 days Is this going to be a headache all year or are you looking at it as a draft day bargain?
  11. My league just confirmed no limits on hitters. They said "no min/max for hitters". With my 7 bench spots I am still going to have 5-6 pitchers there, I guess just a good UT player for the last maybe
  12. Here is what it states in rules, I see nothing about 162 max games for positional players Scoring Your Fantasy team is comprised of real-life MLB players, and the statistics that those players accumulate are based on their real-life performances throughout the course of this contest. The scoring system that is used in this contest can be viewed in the League Rules Summary screen, Scoring section. Several statistical categories are tracked, and each one is assigned a weight. Teams are ranked against each other within your league based on the stats accumulated in each statistical
  13. Is their a particular date that KC would gain an extra year on him by having him not on the roster?
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