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  1. I read they might still need a starter for Saturday or Sunday? I know Glasnow would be on regular rest on Saturday..still think they might be patient with Glasnow because of his control issues.
  2. dang..I've been trying to deal him pretty hard in my H2H Yahoo League...I don't see him fairing too well in the Majors with this high walk rate in the minors..not ready.
  3. damn..was hoping he would start walking less batters..Pittsburgh definitely won't be calling him up anytime soon.
  4. yuooop..dope defender...too bad he couldn't hit a shot tonight tho
  5. lol hate how the yahoo boxscore isnt working..i checked scoremobile on my phone and it says he has 8 points 5 rebounds 3 assists 1 steal start of 4th. HIbbert beasting with 16 and 17
  6. so 8 points in the first and then 2 points for the rest of the game? come on Pauly
  7. what a bonehead 3rd quarter for this guy..4 turnovers in like 3 minutes.
  8. yup 9 points 9 rebounds 8 assists..a triple double would be nice!
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