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  1. Who is this hitting instructor...is he baseball’s Tom Brady Diet? Williamson with 111 exit velocity ... to Right Center? That was Bonds like... but from a Righty???
  2. Dahl as well! Anybody have a preference between Dahl and Flaherty.
  3. How many of these guys you trying to fit on your team? Still deciding if 2 or 3 is the sweet spot.
  4. You guys chilling him in your DL spot for today or playing him?
  5. No call up today according to Jack Curry on Twitter.
  6. Freeman didn't look good... He walked by himself straight down the tunnel and looked pissed.
  7. Any love for Zach Wheeler against a hurts Nats team?
  8. He’s batting 2nd and playing 2nd tonight... Edit: In the minors, of course
  9. Jones got the save with Soria on good rest. Is it committee or jones time ?
  10. They gotta make room for Franchy soon.
  11. I love franchy, but pirela’s been doing fine Imo
  12. All I could think of [by the way all speculation], they don’t want him to be a “Starting Pitcher” for arbitration reasons in the future.
  13. You guys think Rays will be strict with the 60 pitch limit?
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