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  1. i mean lindor/jensen for gray and bellinger... sorry for typo
  2. Well its been changed.... he retracted Chase and wants sonny gray instead so bellinger jensen ... for gray and bellinger anyone have different opinions now?
  3. Yah im thinking of taking it. Just worried about jansen.
  4. I like the kingery side. He will be SS soon. I just think overall value u are getting is a tad better there. Help plz http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699757-trade-offer-lindor-for-bellingeropinions-whir/
  5. I was offered lindor and kenley jansen for bellinger and chase anderson. Standard H2h 12 team cats (with addition to walks and QS) Any input would help. thanks.
  6. Can you trade players that have played? and if so, will it take place tomorrow which would be the day after the deadline? Thanks.
  7. why bring him back out in the seventh? WTF
  8. but hes totally droppable in redrafts.....
  9. I say wait the six weeks and see if he resumes throwing. After that we can speculate.
  10. ok thanks. i must have counted wrong
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