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  1. i have a feeling by the fantasy playoffs he will be very relevant. one of these weeks soon i think he's worth stashing. not yet but soon
  2. it's close but i like the Ingram/Juju side
  3. he is on waivers and im the guy in the league who doesn't draft quarterback until the 14th round..i'm tempted to make him my QB now that everyone thinks he sucks. they have too many weapons to be this bad
  4. since you have adams, thomas, fournette.. i'd do this deal..stack as many top round talent as possible. you can afford to lose jones and boyd
  5. i accepted it. this one i feel both good and bad about so i guess it is a fair deal for both. but after accepting it i noticed the trade won't be processed until next Tuesday which sucks for the other guy. He needs Kelce and Adams (if he is playing) this week badly. So I emailed the commish to see if the trade can be approved or vetoed within 48 hours like the other trades that went through in the league. I'm thinking because of Thursday night football it is not processing until next week. Thursday night football ruins everything So this trade might fall through even though it'
  6. My team doesn't have a top end RB and I just traded Ekeler & Fuller for Tyreek Hill. Ekeler was my best. All I have is committee guys or guys who aren't doing well: Sanders, Coleman, Drake, McCoy, Duke My WR are Adams, Reek, Diggs, Sutton My TE are Kelce, Ertz The trade offer is I give: Adams Kelce I get: Barkley Engram What do you think?
  7. i wouldn't do it. couldn't give up mahomes
  8. i'd rather have fuller. bigger boom and the bust potential about the same.
  9. poor guy can't ever land in a good situation. and watson would rather run or take a sack than dump it to the rb. he could be a knockoff brand version of kamara if used properly.
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