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  1. Stop the speculating. Kennedy just came in and struck out the side for the save. Did give up a single tho, but that's 2 saves for him.
  2. I'd go with Connor. The game script will favor him. Thanks for the help!
  3. Go with Coutee! He's their only receiving option!!! Thanks for the help!
  4. All help returned. One last bump for last minute advice!
  5. I'd go with Mostert at RB. WR i'd go with Beasley and FLEX i'd go with Coutee. Crowder is questionable with an afternoon game and i wouldn't risk a gametime inactive. Thanks for the help
  6. I'd go Connor. There's simply more trust there as well by Pittsburgh. Snell and McFarland are no Connor so I'd pass more too. I think they have an easy time with LV also so game script will help. Thanks for the help.
  7. I think i'd go Gio and Aiyuk. Gio as he has the backfield all to himself plus he's a pass catching back. Aiyuk seems to get his targets regardless of competition or if Samuel is there. Thanks for the help on mine!
  8. I'd go with Gio. He's got the backfield all to himself and he's always been known to be a pass catching back as well. Thanks again for helping mines!
  9. Can't decide between Dallas Goedert or Evan Engram for week 14. In a half PPR. Goedert vs Saints - Hurts is now the QB, Ertz is also back and the Saints are tough on TE. But best receiver on team. Engram vs Cardinals - Very volatile, McCoy might be under center again. Cards are tough on TE also. Please leave a link. WHIR. Thanks in advance!
  10. If CMC doesn't go, then Davis at RB and Landry and Miles at FLEX. If CMC does, then Miles at RB, and Landry and big chest at FLEX. Thanks for the help.
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