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  1. Just read Tagliere's primer article. Higgins is putting up Godwin 2019 numbers (doesn't mention though that Godwin missed 2 games last year). Since joining the starting lineup in Week 3, Higgins has totaled 37 receptions, 568 yards, and four touchdowns. Over a 16-game season, that would be 85 receptions, 1,298 yards, and nine touchdowns. Godwin finished with 86 receptions, 1,333 yards, and nine touchdowns in 2019.
  2. If he gets Gaskin's role then Breida does not matter much.
  3. Perhaps you're right. I have the AZ backfield and have started to reach this conclusion, driven mostly by the fact AZ can't seem to run block.
  4. He's not been healthy all year. If he can start to gel with Brady, and he's had some nice performances, I expect huge numbers from him ROS. His playoff schedule is a cakewalk (MIN, ATL, DET).
  5. If losing to NE gives the coaching staff any renewed sense of urgency that should result in more snaps for Dobbins. If they decide to shake things up manufacturing more touches for him if the most achievable and likely obvious solution.
  6. I'm holding until it is evident that he is not the Carson handcuff. This offense is worth the opportunity cost.
  7. I think this is guy to own in the Miami backfield ROS even if Breida weren't hurt
  8. 'Detailed' , 'on his stuff' , 'knew every detail'; maybe Russ is optimistic but his choice of words suggests he trusts Dallas. Coaching staff probably does also.
  9. Godwin is a must start every week. Bench at your own risk.
  10. My point was that Wilkins' role up until this point isn't a valid reason to downgrade him. I haven't watched many of his highlights but the broken tackle stats indicate he isn't a JAG. I also rely on FBG for a lot of analysis and both Bloom and Waldman have been high on him the last 2 years.
  11. This line of reasoning is fallacy. Exhibit A: Raheem Mostert. Wilkins could very well be 1A to Taylor's 1B ROS. Colts are in win now mode they have no incentive to force Taylor into a role he isn't ready for if another player is getting it done.
  12. 9ers just gave him a pay raise I don't think they'll shut him down
  13. Kliff must be taking notes from Pete Carroll on injury update gamesmanship.
  14. I've been expecting a post-bye bump all year and I'm ready to roll. LFG Dobbins!
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