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  1. If I’m the Greek owner. I don’t want any parts of Bradley Beal. His health is a concern which could lead him to being a shut down candidate.
  2. I really need to win this week. Currently sitting in 2nd place at 8-5 in my division. I’ve got Collins, Kemba, Harden (questionable), Fultz, LeVert, and Val playing today. Currently losing 5-4. Down 2 blocks and 11 rebounds and only up 2 steals and down 1% on fg%. All other cats are pretty much locked up. Who are good streamers for today? Smart Jakob Poeltl for blocks Pj Tucker Barandon Clarke Gasol Ariza He has Whiteside Kyrie Sabonis Joker DeRozan MPJ Jrue Holiday
  3. 1st week of playoffs and I’m down 4-5. The only cat I can come back in is blocks. I’m only down 6. I have D Jordan, Valanciunas, John Collins, and Embid who isn’t playing tonight. I picked up Tomas Bryant for tonight’s streamer. Looking to drop Bazemeor for another shot blocker. Here are my options Robin Lopez Jonathon Isaac Noel Bam Abedeyo
  4. I lost Fournier, Sabonis, KD, Brandon Ingram, and now John Collins to injuries. I had a bye week and with 2nd best record in league and now its not looking good. Who are some good streamers for this week considering I only have 4 waiver claims left? My matchup link is below http://games.espn.com/fba/boxscorefull?leagueId=82148&teamId=1&scoringPeriodId=155&seasonId=2018&view=scoringperiod&version=full
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