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  1. Based on history, Boucher does not have a history of maintaining those stats on fire. However Wood does seem like he will get more minutes with Harden gone. Boucher may revisit the bench if the coach feels like it and Wood is considered a starter. I would go with Wood on this one.
  2. Based on minutes and production, I would go with Garland.
  3. Aldridge without a doubt. He has a prominent role in the starting lineup where as Kanter can be questionable depending on who they play.
  4. Damn... its tough... I thought about adding him but did not feel comfortable. Who else is on waivers?
  5. I think I would. Definitely a huge upgrade in QB and Hunter should stay a top 5 TE rest of season.
  6. Jones, KC has rolled with the hot hand. Not to say the Buccaneers don't but there are more players in KC to feed the ball.
  7. Someone offered me a trade in ppr league. I give Engram & Carson Option 1: I get Freeman, Waller & T. Williams Option 2: I get Freeman, Waller & Ridley Option 3: Stay put Thank you
  8. Ouch... you definitely need better RBs, make the trade if you can.
  9. Yeah Stafford and drop Allen for either T. Williams or Green depending on your overall record.
  10. I would do, Mack RB, Michael Thomas WR, Kupp, Edmonds & Sutton at Flex. I hear everyone saying to play OBJ but honestly have you seen NE defense? Cleveland got destroyed against the 49ers and OBJ forgot he was playing. Baker did not have enough time to throw the ball. We know how good OBJ is but can you name one receiver who had a good game against the New England so far this year???
  11. Tate 4 me... I think Boyd is mostly bust or boom and Tate seems to be clicking with Jones.
  12. A little lopsided like a squirrels nuts but nothing major. I like the Gallups side of the trade better. I feel like those 3 will improve or can be flipped.
  13. I know, Murray has a tough 3 weeks up ahead and the schedule does seem to get easier but what if he chokes. I'm just afraid he might cost me the playoffs if I do play him due to his inexperience & inconsistency.
  14. Scary Terry http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/772512-kyler-murray-or-drew-brees-ros/
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