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  1. I have Matt Ryan but he is currently injured. Would you guys make way on the bench to pick up Brees and later drop K. Murray? I understand Murrays upside but he is inconsistent and nobody wants to trade for him. Drop: K. Murray after next week? Add: D. Brees now
  2. Breida, they are going to destroy the Redskins with the run game.
  3. I need to drop one of these WR for a QB, I have Mahomes and Murray but I would like to stream some matchups based on schedule. I like Murray for the most part but I would like to prepare in case something else. Drew Brees is on the waivers... Should I keep D-Jax or M. Williams?
  4. I'm in the same boat. Don't really know who to start but I'm giving the edge to Ekeler only because San Franciscos defence have not allowed a RB to score a touchdown.
  5. I was preparing in case Gordon does show up this week or next week. Regardless of record. Im 1-2 but I also have Zeke and D. Cook.
  6. Here as an Ekeler owner trying to salvage some value. Would you trade Ekeler for Mixon?
  7. I think it's too late to buy low on Gordon... but give it a try.
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