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  1. I saw the same message that he will report on Thursday but source is not legit. Either way keep him or trade him but do not drop.
  2. But Im thinking longterm... Who will be the better WR Ros?
  3. I'm in the same boat. I have Ekeler and I have tried to trade him but my league is freaking soft. If you can trade him do it but for the right price.
  4. Should I drop Mike Williams for Golden Tate. I know it's bad timing because of the Chargers playing the Dolphins but there is no one else I can drop. Drop M. Williams for Golden Tate? Do it?
  5. I think I actually like this trade. It's almost even but if Cooks gets injured, you should still gain some value with Mattison. It's a gamble but what if Cooks has a stellar season & does not get injured? 🤷‍♂️
  6. I like Jimmy G for the upside this week. The Niners are playing with confidence.
  7. No chance I would make this trade even in keeper. I think your selling yourself short.
  8. 1) I like Witten against Miami (Good chance Dissly will remain on waivers after this week) 2) Ridley & Brown
  9. Stay put... too many question marks on the other players.
  10. Ahhhhh I see 😁... your just showing off. Good team most definitely! No changes needed. Thanks 4 mine!
  11. I dont think I would do that just yet. Gordon's value just went up with AB gone. I would wait until he has a monster game and sell a little higher. Miles will be great but we dont know how long before Miles becomes a weekly starter.
  12. I actually dont mind this trade. But you dont need it really because your TE position would take a hit and you have Wilson. Robinson will soon take a hit once Hill comes back. McCoy plays in a RB committee. Watson is the only one with high value.
  13. Mattison 4sure.... can you imagine if Cook became injured? The value of Mattisson would sky rocket.
  14. 2 only because Breidas situation is not solid. San Fran likes to run a RB committee.
  15. Okay so I'm in a league that rosters idp players and my LB is injured and need to pick up someone. I really dont want to drop anyone BUT if I do who do I drop. Justice Hill (Moment of truth week) M. Sanders (Still developing) Terry Mclaurin (True #1 WR) John Brown (Proving 2 be the real deal) 😩🤮🤷‍♂️
  16. Who is the best player who will have a monster year?
  17. I like the first offer better, I think your giving up too much on the second trade. Cousins and McCoy is a safer trade with upside.
  18. You think Kamara & McLarin is still a good deal? Just in case the owner decides not to go through with Edelman?
  19. Tough, Baker was projected to be a top 5 QB this year. Maybe its time to buy low on him. I would certainly take the gamble on Baker.
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