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  1. Drop for Chark, he has short and long term value. Agholor & Mostert will sit back on the bench once their teammates get healthy.
  2. Honestly Mattisson has the higher upside if Cooks breaks down. Penny has a better chance of stealing the job from Carson but he may lose it just as easily depending on who fumbles or has the hot hand. Seattle is known to not be loyal to its RBs and may ride the hot hand.
  3. My RB are: Zeke, Mack, Jacobs, Sanders & Singletary. My WR are: Juju, T. Williams, Godwin, and MacLaurin. Kirk & J. Brown are on waivers. I just figured that perhaps Juju will not score top 5 numbers without Big Ben. He will decline due to new QB. Help please!
  4. Your right.... I can't believe I'm saying this but Carr has a better match with his new young core at his disposal.
  5. I agree with aapox, I cannot see myself starting Freeman. The Denver RB timeshare situation is going to be annoying asf all year. I would rather safe a spot for a player with tremendous upside who has the chance to lead his team as soon as Ingram goes down.
  6. Andrews this week, Bal plays the no good, no have defense Cardinals this week.
  7. Godwin in a better situation by far with less competition. Hold 4 now... your core looks good.
  8. I would stick with Jackson and start him without a doubt. I can't believe Baker is on the waiver wire. I wouldn't drop Hardman just yet but definitely drop Cam for Baker ASAP when the time comes. Who else you have on the bench?
  9. Hell yeah I'll do that trade. It helps you 4sure.
  10. Terry... he's the main focal point right now with plenty of upside and targets.
  11. I feel like Miami is going to throw the ball a lot because they are going to get crushed by New England and they will be playing catch up. Sony 4 me
  12. Someone is offering me Tyrell Williams & Singletary for my Chris Carson. Any thoughts? I feel like I would be losing value.
  13. I would go with Gallup, plays for a better offense and Samuel is a bit concerning. I know it was the first game but he wasn't targeted that much. I think less than 5 and everyone around him ate.
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