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  1. Both of these guys are on waivers and I just lost Hunter, who is the prime pickup? Wanted other people opinions because I just cant decide. Or should I just pick up both?
  2. I agree, you definitely got a starter rather than semi above average players. I think Ingram won't hold up all year and Justice Hill will eventually replace him. Lockett I think is the only one that I believe you lost value in. Overall I think it made your team stronger but need to hurry and pick up potential upside players. Good job though!
  3. QB: Matt Ryan, J. Winston RB: Zeke, Josh Jacobs, M. Mack, T. Coleman, Singletary, Pollard, J. Hill, M. Sanders WR: Smith-Shuster, Godwin, Westbrook TE: T. Kelce K: Zuerlein
  4. I own Zeke and Pollard but would you drop Pollard 4 Justin Jackson knowing that Pollard won't get much of an opportunity?
  5. Brenda all day 4 me. He is considered the starter, he has fresh legs. More upside with him, play him week 1 before he brakes down. Plus out of all of them he has the most favorable matchup and breakout potential.
  6. It's hard to tell. We wont know for sure until maybe week 2 or 3 if it's worth owning William's or McCoy. The coach said it will be a timeshare and it ruins William's value. If you do get him, would you be starting both? It's a toss up but I would rather have Williams than McCoy because of his upside. Or maybe look into trading William's to the McCoy owner for another RB.
  7. I would definitely look to replace him for someone who has upside. Dude has constantly burn fantasy teams. Target someone early before you miss out on someone who has potential.
  8. I would drop Metcalf & Wilson. Metcalf is injured although he is slated to start but I don't really trust how effective he will be. Wilson plays for Miami who is on rebuild mode and has a sorry offense.
  9. No stay put... I like your team right now and I prefer the team you have already. Thanks 4 helping with mine.
  10. I have Vance and Andrews for my TEs and not really happy or sad about it. However, Justin Jackson is sitting in waivers and I'm thinking about picking him up but who do I drop?
  11. If you can trade 4 him do it... I've never been a fan of Njuko and his disappointing numbers he puts up every year.
  12. I like Chris Carson with Mike Davis out of the picture... Seattle likes to pound the ball a lot and it seems this year is no different.
  13. I agree with the gurus above me... Singletary's situation is hazy and crowded.
  14. Awesome... thanks 4 the feedback. I do believe Evan's might have a bounce back year but nonetheless the less I rather keep Adams.
  15. I would say Ballage but word is Drake might be on the move, leaving Ballage to be the main bell cow. So for now I would go with Moncrief and monitor Ballages situation.
  16. Good team overall but I would look into replacing Hyde and McCoy... sure they are not what they use to be but they are in a RB committee which does not guarantee results. I would prefer to have a RB with upside like Justice Hill or Singletary on the bench getting developed. You wont really start Hyde or McCoy and if you do, the necessary reps they will have wont be enough to help u win. Thanks 4 helping me with mine!
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