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  1. It's hard to tell. We wont know for sure until maybe week 2 or 3 if it's worth owning William's or McCoy. The coach said it will be a timeshare and it ruins William's value. If you do get him, would you be starting both? It's a toss up but I would rather have Williams than McCoy because of his upside. Or maybe look into trading William's to the McCoy owner for another RB.

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  2. Good team overall but I would look into replacing Hyde and McCoy... sure they are not what they use to be but they are in a RB committee which does not guarantee results. I would prefer to have a RB with upside like Justice Hill or Singletary on the bench getting developed. You wont really start Hyde or McCoy and if you do, the necessary reps they will have wont be enough to help u win.

    Thanks 4 helping me with mine!

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