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  1. At RB I have: Zeke, D. Cook, D. William's, Duke Johnson, Ekeler, J. Hill and Mattisson. At WR I have: D. Adam's, Golladay, and Kirk
  2. This is a tough call... would you rather have Nick Fowles throwing to you or an injured Cam Newton? I think I would stay put...
  3. Solid overall team... your team definitely looks promising with young talent. Great job with your draft!
  4. I have Zeke and I feel confident that he will play. However someone in my league offered me Mike Evand and Pollard for my D. Adam's, and at first I said no way! Now due to Zeke situation, this trade offer does not look that sour... I need help?
  5. Not bad at all... Rivers is always underrated but he always come through with production and the two TE's that you have are promising and in a good situation. Thank you for replying to mine.
  6. I was in this exact same situation yesterday and I rolled the dice on Zeke... yes he is negotiating his contract and his situation is scary but everything is pointing towards him and the cowboys agreeing on a contract. Gordon on the other hand requested a trade if he does not get the contract that he wants... I say take the chance on Zeke but if you are not feeling Zeke, go with Hopkins. Help with mine please:
  7. Hell yeah pull the trigger... This is a good trade 4 you...
  8. Nice team! You did a heck of a job in your draft...
  9. If you had to pick one of these which one would you pick? Ballage can certainly be a starter but he was not great during pre-season, and Hill is looking explosive but is behind other RB's to start.
  10. I would ride it out until the first week and hopefully one of your WR has a good game like Sanders, Westbrook, or even TY because his name carries value. Then make some trade offers for an established RB.
  11. I would go with an RB, the talent pull for RBs is less than WR's at that spot. You can certainly go with a TE as well but I would likely stack up on another RB.
  12. I would go with the proven WR who has the #1 QB throwing him the ball. OBJ can be great but we haven't seen him play yet and can either be a boom or bust player. Go with what you know and the safer player in Hill! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/759978-last-pick-damion-willis-justice-hill-or-mattison/
  13. Conner 4sure... No reason to believe that Samuels will take carries from him as long as he stays healthy. Zach wont get the same value this year because of the corps the Eagles have signed.
  14. I would definitely take a shot at him, he is worth the risk. If he does not pan out, then like you said, you will have him next year for sure.
  15. I would honestly go with Mahomes, the guy is amazing and produces more points than most players in the league. The only QB getting drafted in the first round in some drafts, which is crazy.
  16. Is anyone thinking the same? Who is worth a draft pick with the last pick? Any thoughts?
  17. I'm in the same boat... Graham is on by and I currently picked up Dickson but don't feel comfortable with the pick.
  18. Finchess, Kamara and Garcon. I want to say Murray instead of Garcon but he's been a disappointment and Garcon is the main guy in SF.
  19. I agree, West for me but trading Johnson if the price is right it would benefit you.
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