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  1. I agree, wait until half time or after the game to make your move.
  2. Sorry missed the Keepers League part. That's a tough one. Definitely don't drop... how is the rest of your squad look like?
  3. OBJ seems to be done but the reports on him are not clear. We still don't know the severity of his injury. Anyhow, I think the Giants will play it safe and won't risk him coming back even if there is a chance. You still have time to wait what the Giants camp report tomorrow on him. I do agree that you should drop OBJ for Pryor, no point of keeping him if they report he will miss the rest of the season.
  4. Parker and Martavis. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674224-rest-of-the-season-cohen-or-kamara/
  5. Pretty fair trade but I do like the Green side better. Gore is old but consistent, he won't wow you but will get you between 9 and 12 points per game. Seattle always start slow and pick up the pace the second half so Graham is bound to have his moments.
  6. I don't think I would do it.. If New York keeps losing, they will shut down OBJ or give him less snaps to see what the other youngers on the team have in the tank. I'll keep Thomas & Thompson.
  7. Easy, if Devante Adams play then him and if not then Fuller.
  8. Tough one, if Montgomery doesn't play, then Aaron Jones & Thomas Rawls since rumors is Seahawks are giving him the rock to start. If Montgomery plays then I would go with Rawls and Stewart.
  9. I have Cohen and Kamara is sitting in the waivers looking at me. I can't help but think that Kamara will have a better season the rest of the way. Who would you take? I'll pay it forward with your questions. Thank you!
  10. I made the trade, thank you everyone who helped make my decision easier.
  11. Its a toss up, not a fan of either two... I'll go with Collins because of RB situation on his team.
  12. Forte is out and L. Murray is still not 100% healthy, Gore faces a weak defense. So Powell-Gore-Murray for me.
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