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  1. Fantrax has the option if you customize the league.
  2. You get a lot of depth back and it is was safer since you won't be worrying about KAT's potential injury flare up or how the rookies will produce. That said, I really see Jrue continuing to take a big hit in usage since Zion is back. Could see a scenerio where Rubio and Jrue are actually pretty close in rankings over the next month or two, but who knows. So I would tame expectations there. Here is mine...
  3. Depends what you need, but I am more of a fan of Smart's stat-line. T-Ross tends to have shallow lines that are mostly scoring. Here is mine...
  4. As tempting as it is, I would keep Huerter. The games Steph and Draymond play together in March will be good, but probably sparse. Here is mine...
  5. Thanks for the insight thus far. George Hill has basically been my streaming spot and the waivers are decent in this 12-teamer. The last place team has AD, as an example. Pairing KAT and AD for the rest of this year and then next would be awesome. I'd 100% need to give Durant plus a lot more though.
  6. After last night, people are going to be very worried about Jrue and Zion taking a lot of his usage, like he did last night. This is a great buy low option for Jrue if you think Roco will do it. Might need to add another player though. Here is mine...
  7. Look at how you are doing in FT%. If you have been winning, keep KAT. If losing FT% already, trade for the depth. Adding Cappela and Adams will likely tank your FT%. Here is mine... https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/799289-keepers-league-trade-isaac-or-durant/
  8. I am assuming you do not have IR to put J-Rich on. In a 10-Team League I think you could benefit from streaming one of those spots. Lee would be my first choice. Plug in Jerami Grant. He has a clear path over the next week, but just keep streaming if you have an acquisition limit around 4 per week. Here is mine... https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/799289-keepers-league-trade-isaac-or-durant/
  9. 12-Team H2H 9-Cat w/ 4 Keepers Currently in 6th place and thinking about trading either of my two IR stashes who are both great for next year, for players that will help me compete in the playoffs. I have enough keepers to choose 4...KAT, Jrue, Shai, John Collins, Durant, and John Isaac. Which of the IR players would you try to trade? Both? Would you try to move another player here? And what could I expect in return for either of those IR players. I think there are teams out of the playoff picture in my league that would be eager to gain a good player for next year. Team below. Tha
  10. My Bojan Bogdanovic for their Wendell Carter Jr. What do you think? Was just offered to me. My team below in a 9-CAT H2H 12 Team League. Thanks! Markelle Fultz Bojan Bogdanovic Zach LaVine Landry Shamet TJ Warren Robert Covington DeAndre Hunter Nikola Vucevic Kevin Love Lauri Markkanen Anthony Davis Bogdan Bogdanovic IL: Davis Bertans IL: Victor Oladipo
  11. Draft Tonight! https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/178627
  12. What I like about this team is that besides LBJ, you do not have any glaring risks for load management. A lot of young guys and upside. Thanks for the help with mine.
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