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  1. Couldn't see the game...how were the drops?
  2. Yeah I've seen a lot of that too. It's the same thing as the run game...they could do it but they just don't need to anymore.
  3. At least he's not a "low floor" WR3 this week. That really bugged me last week, even though it turned out they were right.
  4. Even though the day was saved by the touchdown, the crazy targets he had been getting are the only reason I had any interest in someone on the Jets. That's a concerning game for me.
  5. The other receivers might be healthier this year but still not healthy enough to catch passes from Trubisky. He magically throws better sometimes when he's targeting Robinson, and then Robinson bails him out a chunk of the time too. No one else on the Bears has that ability or that chemistry in a season like this. You don't know what you're getting with Foles. He has had a couple magical seasons, but I'd be surprised if the Bears were a place he put it together. You know as bad as Trubisky is, he works with Robinson.
  6. Last year's Saints D shut down Dak too, and Lattimore had given up the most yards of any corner before this week. Lattimore is still damn good, but he hasn't made some big jump from last year. Evans just isn't as big a deal as he used to be to this offense.
  7. Good post with the game logs. I think you have to look at the scores to see why there might be a sense of uncertainty/optimism, though. Other than the Packers game, these are all very one sided. If the Vikings can run all over their opponent, they are very successful. If they're facing a good team, they hit a brick wall. This approach isn't going to satisfy the team's expectations, especially in the NFC North this year (who also have to deal with the NFC East.) Combined with the clear frustration in the locker room, I think a shift in play calling is in the cards.
  8. It says if he looks the same today as he did yesterday, he would be pretty much a lock to play. There's going to be (some) clarity before Sunday.
  9. Are you asking if Gio will take the job? No. He has a good history of production when he fills in due to injury, but this offensive line might be an all time low.
  10. I would be surprised if he didn't get 10
  11. There's no chance he goes that high. He wasn't even close this year. He has another disappointing year under his belt with more competition for targets next year.
  12. I have Duke and Fitz and the idea of getting Brown for them seems absolutely ridiculous to me.
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