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  1. Swapped for Nunn just now. (I own Oladipo). Thank you for the monster 5 game week, Mr. Flynn! Won big because of you.
  2. 36m Bam said Oladipo was in locker room congratulating teammates just now: "I'm glad he's OK. I feel like he's OK. He just had a little scare." Hopefully it’s just a little tweak.
  3. Did the injury look bad? Dude is so fragile, can’t catch a break. 😔
  4. Oh my bad. Just noticed it now. It’s showing b2b games @ CLE. Probably got ppd and moved the following day. All good.
  5. On the little post-it note if you click it shows the games played and schedule. It says @CLE PPD. Weird.
  6. Is the Raps game vs Cavs really postponed? It’s showing PPD in yahoo. Hoping to get 5 quality games from Flynn this week.
  7. Worst game and He’s gonna sit tomorrow’s b2b too... At least give me some assists and steals man, c’mon!
  8. Not bad... not bad at all. Hopefully he pushes ROLO out of the rotation.
  9. Wow. Robert Williams about to explode with Theis now out of the way.
  10. Finally!!! As an owner of both Dipo and KPJ, super stoked.
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