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  1. They're not paying Love 31 mil through '23 to sit him when he's healthy. Either way you swing it, they'll need him to stretch the floor next to Drummond (not buying Nance's 42 percent from the 3 to sustain) and to get anything close to a possibility of a trade for him.
  2. Lol I did the exact same swap. If Levert and Warren were healthy, this would be a different conversation. Even with Warren back, If I'm the Pacers in the last 5 minutes I'm playing Brogdon, Lamb, Warren, Sabonis, Turner.
  3. Nope, long injury history throughout his career, won't have a big role unless Collins is traded (even then it would need to not be a 4), and even in his prime was never a huge contributor for points leagues.
  4. He's welcome to return the 8 million dollars he's receiving this year if he can't manage to restrict his movement during a pandemic. Hopefully OKC finds a trade destination for their 38th 1st round pick and opens up some minutes for the youth movement. If they don't secure a top 3 pick this year they're tripping.
  5. No, just people who appreciate 3 stocks and 17 rebounds from someone we either picked up off the WW or drafted in the 12th round.
  6. He definitely won't shoot this poorly, but really he's a below average shooter holistically when one considers EFG because of how terrible his 2 point game is. He's just above average at shooting 3s/FTs.
  7. Minutes, opportunity, and historical performance in the bubble are there. Deserves some patience for an end of bench kind of guy that has mid-round upside.
  8. Like others have been saying, he's not going to get big minutes against real centers. Embiid would have eaten him alive.
  9. He's 32. Considering we all got him super late in the draft, I'm not sweating it. Cavs are actually looking decent, Love is needed next to Drummond to help space the floor, and he just played a Double OT off an injury. Not surprising they ended up pulling him. If anything it's a good sign they didn't rest him on the back to back initially.
  10. There's always just so many other end of bench guys you would rather take a chance on taking that next step, considering he's been this same player forever.
  11. Well, he's not really a number 1 option from a skill perspective, so there's that. Plus the Lakers are the best team in basketball. Starting 5 tonight consisted of Russell with Jake Layman, Okogie, Naz Reid, and Malik Beasley. I can't see that sustaining going forward, or they'll just double Russ up when he has the ball.
  12. Well, there were reports that he may not be resting on the b2b's 2 days ago. Plus, the wizards have a much more tenuous possibility of a playoff berth than last year's Rockets. No one is shocked, but there was definitely a sliver of hope due to recent reports. I don't see the Wizards keeping up the trend all season if they actually plan on making it.
  13. Although it would be a super Cavs move to bench their best player of recent, I'm not seeing it. If anything Porter turns into a 6th man considering he's more of a combo guard anyway.
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