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  1. Kyrie can definitely score like Booker, but think his assist numbers might similarly take a hit with Harden in town now. You probably lose some scoring punch overall, but I like the all around value of Murray so I think I'd lean toward that side of the deal.
  2. Think I prefer the Booker and Garland deal more than the straight up trade. Not huge on Cole Anthony's value, but definitely believe Garland can be great again once he returns.
  3. Although it's close with Murray, I'm not a huge fan of Aldridge this year. Would rather keep Ingram than deal with that Spurs headache.
  4. I'd probably drop Alec Burks, with Darius Bazley or Terrence Ross being a close second
  5. Someone in my league just cut Chris Boucher after he had an awful game against Miami. Up until that point though, he'd been having a pretty strong run. I'm only 7th in waivers so I doubt I'll get him, but wanted to see who I should drop from my team to pursue him. I have to activate Darius Garland soon from IR, so I'll likely have to let one of Keldon Johnson or Shake Milton go anyway, but was wondering if it's time to finally cut Montrezl Harrell who's been a complete disappointment this year with the Lakers. I'm in a points league, so efficiency doesn't matter as much as counting stats. Any
  6. Yeah, that's the hope. I'm just saying that I wouldn't point to this particular game to give me confidence just yet.
  7. I wouldn't quite say that yet. Watched the game and he still had some really horrible misses, even if he sank some threes.
  8. Probably Boogie, given that we're still unsure about how many minutes he'll get and what role he'll have with the team when he's back. I expect Christian Wood to hog more minutes at the Center position.
  9. Keldon Johnson is somehow still available in my points league, but worried he won't be around for long. I'm struggling to figure out who to drop from my team. The most likely candidates are Anthony Edwards, Darius Bazley, and RJ Barrett who all present some upside as well, but have issues of their own. Luckily FG% isn't a factor in this league, so I don't have to worry about any of them tanking that category for me. 10 Team, Points, H2H: PG - Ben Simmons SG - D'Angelo Russell G - Collin Sexton SF - Tobias Harris PF - Giannis Antetokounmpo F - Aaron Gordon
  10. Any reason why he only played 20 minutes tonight?
  11. I might consider dropping Beasley for him just based on the fact that you're in a points league. I think Dedmon provides a safer floor as a double double threat with stocks, but Beasley can probably get around the same average with scoring and a handful of boards/assists. Beasley also has a higher ceiling but his main value as a three point shooter tends to get negated in points leagues.
  12. If you can hold onto Bagley for longer, I think he's still worth a stash until there's clearer info on his status. Not a big fan of Otto Porter Jr. this year tbh. I would also drop Crowder for Dedmon. Jae has his hot streaks, but Dedmon is a great handcuff for Capela and should provide you stable weekly value in rebounds and stocks for as long as he is out, which will strengthen your frontcourt.
  13. Yeah, I think Dedmon is the better choice here because of the stocks as you said and the potential for Capela to sit out the year.
  14. Dedmon gives you the higher floor especially in a points league, but the ceiling is limited with Collins and a potential Capela return. With KAT out, I could see Beasley taking on a larger share of the offense, but feel like he's better in category formats because of the large volume of 3's. His rebound/assist/stock numbers will prob vary more game to game. Because of that, I might lean Dedmon in a points league.
  15. Depends on the makeup of the rest of your team. Is there anyone else you could drop? Barton should be back soon whereas Curry's earliest possible return is March 1st. If you can stomach having two roster spots basically contributing nothing for the next few weeks i would go for it, but if you're in win now mode and can't make the sacrifice I'd try to hold off a little longer. IMO Curry is def worth it though.
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