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  1. Full PPR. Do I chance it with Josh Jacobs If he plays or play it safe with Derrius Guice vs GB or Bilal Powell vs Miami. If he doesn’t play, who do you start?
  2. Full PPR League. Do I start: Golden Tate vs Philly (Engram out. Eli in) or Curtis Samual vs Atlanta
  3. Robinson I would hold onto. Lamb can be dropped once Oladipo returns. But until then, he’s solid.
  4. Personally, I would not. With a lost season, they aren’t rushing him back any time soon
  5. Who would you rather have this season and why. Thanks!
  6. Which package would you prefer in a dynasty league.. 30 team salary league Karl Anthony Towns $39M 4 years Domantas Sabonis $1.8M 1 year or Kawhi Leonard $26M 4 years Wendell Carter Jr $4M 3 years
  7. PPR League: Start Lamar Jackson vs Pats or Start Jameis Winston vs Seahawks Pick 3 WRs to start: Terry McLaurin vs Bills Golden Tate vs Cowboys Curtis Samuel vs Titans Devante Parker vs Jets
  8. Out of those, if you can get Ekeler for one of them, absolutely. Run!!
  9. PPR i give Hopkins and Fournette I get Michael Thomas and Josh Jacobs. im 3-5 and can’t afford the double byes from them next week. Schedule looks favorable for what’s coming in. Do I do this trade?
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