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  1. Mostert. Im finding every excuse not to play conner.
  2. Im talking myself out of starting conner, hard to be trusted and still questionable to play. Someone else has snell. Still looking for advice, whos got the highest floor out of all these guys? WHIR always
  3. looks like a hamstring injury so may not have been as bad as this calf injury but I just base that off of work load.
  4. Im very much considering trotting pollard out there over guys like conner/edmonds. The activating of the FB is intriguing, hoping for some news before game time.
  5. My opponent picked up snell to block me too. I can already picture what Monday night will look like. Conner is active then reaggravates an injury or just gets benched and I have to watch my only player left not play while im on suicide watch down by <5 points. I dont think I can handle that.
  6. I would go Moore and swing for the fences hoping Covid hasn't slowed him down.
  7. You're definitely dumpster diving here. I would go Knox, I cant trust hooper coming back from a neck injury.
  8. I probably would have more confidence here but hes a game time decision. He could easily be the dreaded active but inactive.
  9. Both are pretty even. I prefer Mclaurin for the floor and Seahawks terrible secondary.
  10. I would go Fournette with a decent floor and high chance for a TD. Hard to trust all them but I like Fournette the best.
  11. 0.5 PPR. Need help here with mediocre options. My opponent and I are pretty even, though his team does have more upside but I think solid 10pts would not be a killer. Pick one- Conner, Edmonds, GusBus, Bowden, Pollard? Im leaning Conner or bowden (espn can put him in RB spot seems like solid floor), or Pollard if zeke doesn't suit up WHIR
  12. Firing up Gaskin over snell and D harris with confidence.
  13. I was thinking of buying prior to this game but I know nothing about how's hes playing other than points. Are people really jumping ship and trying to sell?
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