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  1. I also have them both and was initially mad seeing my opponent's harden getting 10 3s, then saw my boys graham and lavine countering 7 3s apiece lol.
  2. i'd drop him even in a 100 team league..he is so droppable and boring
  3. but he was trash and posting mediocre stats..i think there are good options in the fa pool..i would definitely definitely drop this guy
  4. definitely droppable..low points and threes, steals this year are low compared last year, and very mediocre in other stats..i'd drop in heartbeat.
  5. next time just keep it to yourself..don't jinx it.
  6. 2 years of disappointing season..either steal of the draft or another crap season next year
  7. already dropped him in a 20-team league..one month of not playing and his foot still not getting better..i'm not going to hold for another month. good luck guys.
  8. i can see that he is already in mid season form!..russell westbrick at his best!!
  9. brooklyn is 6-8 not 5-10 and it's still early in the season..plenty of time to make the playoffs
  10. i thought this was the year he will be an all-star..but looks like he is not talented enough to be one.
  11. I like the steals but what I need from him is the big man stats (rebs, blocks). Drop city.
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