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  1. Literally need this man to survive 1.5 more weeks... cmon
  2. Injury did not look good at all. Expecting him to miss 1-2 weeks minimum.
  3. The return of Millsap has ruined everything. Its the exactly the same situation that we had before Millsaps injury.
  4. They are also losing Deandre to nothing after his contract expires.
  5. Thats it boys, think the big guys are staying put - Deandre, etc.
  6. Instant pickup here guys. Do not walk. No depth for Detroit now, will start and have a higher usage rate. He is the winner of this trade, not boban.
  7. Have they seriously not given this guy the inj tag.... come on
  8. Hip flexor pain is usually felt in the upper groin region, where the thigh meets the pelvis.
  9. Because it was non-contact hip injury. His reaction and inability to walk afterwards almost certainly suggests that it was torn. The same thing happened to DeMar DeRozan - he was out for 6 weeks.
  10. Most likely a torn hip flexor. Expect him to take 4-8 weeks to recover (wide window with this kind of injury)
  11. Oh but don't worry, here come the "its just one game" guys........ guy is trash. Dropped.
  12. Anyone watching? Is there an injury? stat line is concerning
  13. 31/76 in his last 4, ppg down 7 since the arrival of bledsoe. The guy is in a “slump” for all intents and purposes. He is a far cry from the Giannis that was drafted #1 overall in most cases - which he played to his ADP up until the trade.
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