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  1. Might drop him for someone like Fuller. Honestly it depends on waivers, I already lost Cook and Carson might have a broken leg so that's two spots possibly opening up and I might be able to keep Davis but yeah he's borderline droppable, totally depends on who else is out there.
  2. I had Howard last year and he wasn't drafted. Spencer Ware was though (Powell and McKinnon were also picked late). Obviously it's a gamble and there's a chance I don't hold onto Perine but again, it's the last couple of rounds and it's slim pickings. I'll hold him until I have my first bye week issues (week 6) or if someone else shows something and I have to use a waiver claim. No lie though, I'm not expecting much. If he ends up starting and I still have him, he'll still prob be on my bench until the bye week issues pop up.
  3. I'm very "wait and see" with this situation. Perine was my last non K/DST pick and I don't see anyone out there that I would drop him for right now. If he has a good chance to take over, he's worth a late pick IMO.
  4. Just got him in the 11th in mine. Doesn't make any sense but I'll take it.
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