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  1. Gaskin very likely just got me my first Championship. 15 hard years! 🥵🥳🥳🥳
  2. Going to need ample Watson garbage time. This is ugly.
  3. Everyone still selling Gurley? Lol at all the pro analysts
  4. Montgomery on sideline holding helmet 🤞
  5. Montgomery back to locker room apparent head/neck injury. stop leaping !!!
  6. Anyone rolling him out with TE eligibility in ESPN. MT is out. i like the risk/reward. thoughts?
  7. TE eligibility in ESPN, MT out this week. i like the risk/reward if you don’t have a top 5 TE. Anyone rolling him out?
  8. **** the bed. Every year, **** the bed. Always projected to win, then proceed to get spanked. Stupid.
  9. Seriously, this **** is mind boggling. Talking about shitting the bed at the WORST possible time. Never again. Never.
  10. Seattle can make even the best looking paper games a low point grind. So damn annoying.
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