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  1. Sadly, I won't be able to accept the invite back. Too much on my plate during football season, unfortunately free leagues are the first to go. Shame, this is a great league and I've enjoyed the thorough arse whoopings my team has endured since that regretful start up draft. Hopefully with 3 top 10 dynasty QBs, Jimmy Graham and some young WR talent, you won't struggle to find a replacement owner. Best luck to all of you.
  2. I like the Luck side of that in a 2QB league all day everyday. Good job.
  3. Was a non issue, I got your email and tried to get into the league so I could see who was available but numerous tries just timed out. The hazards of summertime funtime.
  4. 1. stankyleg - Rueben Randle 2. Abusement Park - Jordan Cameron 3. Kyzer (from Ink Inc.) - Darrius Heyward-Bey 4. Kyzer (from El Iguanodon) - Sean Lee 5. Ink Inc. (from Pack Attack via Kyzer) - Ed Dickson 6. FFCollusion - Brandon Bolden- (Dropping C. Ogbkeyboardsmashaya) 7. Young Guns - Anthony Spencer DE DAL 8. Pack Attack (from Kyzer) - Justin Forsett RB JAC 9. Sasquatch Hunters! - Derrick Johnson (if allowed) otherwise Brian Cushing; drop Brandon Lloyd 10. AHERNSHOTME2 - Mikel Leshoure RB DET- Dropping Cedric Peerman-RB-Cin 11. Chalupa Batman - Xavier Rhodes DB Min- dropping Stev
  5. Round 3: 1. All Day - Kenjon Barner RB CAR 2. TexasAD - Geno Smith QB NYJ 3. baltimoreboy - Andre Ellington RB ARI 4. SYA - Stedman Bailey 5. Benji - Zach Ertz 6. Southernsteeler - Travis Kelce - Drop Baldwin 7. Idaho - Roy Helu RB WAS dropping Dwayne Harris 8. Chingon - OTC, will pm 9. Sr. Dick Grande 10. Let's Go Arod 11. KTOWNRACER 12. baltimoreboy
  6. Fits a need too, Brady getting older, Locker sucks, Foles still a ? mark.
  7. Round 2: 1. El_Chingon - Jonathan Franklin 2. KTown - Robert Woods 3. Winky - Tyler Eifert 4. Sr. Dick Grande - Justin Hunter 5. Chingon - Markus Wheaton 6. Idaho? - Da'Rick Rogers 7. Southernsteeler - Latavius Murray, dropping Peerman 8. Add Day - Mike Gillislee, dropping Demps 9. Idaho? - EJ Manual QB BUF dropping Donald Jones, scrub 10. Winky - OTC, will PM now 11. TexasAD 12. All Day
  8. You are like my real life Nemesis.
  9. Anybody not drafting in front of me that is going to be around I can leave my choices with?
  10. Left my pick with Stankyleg, so PM him when I'm OTC and he can finish off the rookie draft + start the FA draft. Thanks.
  11. Perfect, you can reverse snipe me now.
  12. I'm going to need to leave my pick with somebody if it doesn't get to me in the next couple hours, I'm out for the day with no internets.
  13. I'll be gone with no internet access for the rest of the day in ~2 hours, I'll leave my pick with someone.
  14. OK, pm'd SS, thanks. Should have, only KTOWN and Chingy decimated the RB ranks so I went with the problem child who tore up the SEC harder than Hunter and Patterson ever thought about. Dat talent...
  15. Wait, I sent a PM to K.Heart...is he even in the league?
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