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  1. He's gonna get close to where people's draft day expectations were but it'll be middle/ end of next season
  2. totally convinced this guy is gonna be a beast in years ahead but think we've seen most of what we will see of him this year. Second half he gets a bit better but I don't see him tearing it up. What makes him good (playing under control) is also his weakness from a production standpoint.
  3. They could make him 4th option and play him 15 min a game and hed still score 20 pts/game. Hes a freakin cockroach. Cant make him go away
  4. Dont understand why Spo doesnt unleash this guy. will open up their spacing if hes more of a threat down low
  5. Hes the only two way guy in frontcourt. Need to weather Fiz theres too much upside
  6. Marvin Williams must have photos of ownership molesting things
  7. 10 teamer here w 6 bench slots. Tucker sucks but in a 4 game week I knokw Ill get 3's steals and no turnovers
  8. traded him for PJ Tucker. Isaac is crazy talented but the ankles and playing at the 3 is wishful thinking. Gordon is in the way.
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