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  1. Claypool has been good but enough without a 2 week attention span has seen that Diontae is, when healthy, the wr1 here.
  2. Yes but most of us drafted him much below the value he is providing and he will only be out a few weeks for this injury. Needless to say, I don't feel stupid for getting him for sub $10 in an auction.
  3. WHIR: Would you trade away Trae despite his insane start for Paul George?
  4. I hear you and, if he doesnt turn it around in a few weeks, I'll drop him. Im a sucker for out of position dimes.
  5. Scooped him off the wire after his first two games. I'm going to ride it out for a bit to see if he can turn it around...hard to find a center with his skillset just sitting on the wire.
  6. Cant keep this production for next week sadly. Love the guy though and am excited to see the next leap.
  7. Because of his two game week next week I am guessing. I am struggling with this decision too.
  8. He might even be worse w luka out. Sure volume opportunities go up but is he or the team even good enough to take advantage? Luka gives a guy like him freedom to operate even if upside is capped.
  9. He wont be second team and the point stands: it isnt a given and he has incentive to play.
  10. That doesnt blunt the point that KAT has a real incentive to finish out the season strong.
  11. Jokic wasnt named to an all nba team last year. He will be first team this year.
  12. Sorry covered above but all nba definitely not guaranteed for him.
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