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  1. Obviously he wasn’t very impressive as a rookie but tough to just write him off so soon. I like the fact that there’s not much competition in front of him for targets. I’ll be drafting him based on draft pedigree & opportunity. For what it will cost ADP-wise, that’s fine if it ends up that he really does just stink.
  2. I mean, these are the same kind of comments that were being made about Lamar Jackson 2 years ago at this time & look how that turned out for the 2019 season. Anyone that reached a little for him did very well.
  3. I get this argument but my counter is who did or will PHI lose from last year that will negatively impact Hurts production? Alshon, DJax, Ertz? Those guys seem to be old/injured/washed. Hurts was the #3 fantasy QB for the full 3 games in a row that he started (weeks 14-16). He did that with basically the same dire roster that you're worried about. It's likely PHI is going to add a WR with either pick #12 overall or with their 2nd rd pick (#37 overall). Godert, Reagor, MSanders + JWaddle or DSmith in rd 1 or a guy like TMetcalf JR, RBateman, RMoore, or KToney in rd 2. TFulgham showed
  4. It's tough for me to find a good reason why Hurts won't be a great fantasy QB for 2021. PHI traded away Wentz Signed Flacco as the back-up QB/competition Just traded down from draft pick #6 to #12 (making it less likely one of the top 5 QB is around for PHI to select). I'm not arguing that Hurts is or will be a great real-life NFL QB but, for fantasy, it's really looking like he's going to be the guy for PHI for 2021. His rushing stats all but guarantee he will be a top 10 fantasy QB, with the upside for much more. Its really overthinking things to argue it any other way
  5. Just watch this dude plod his way to a high end RB2 season in SEA. Carroll clapping his hands & chomping his gum after every 2 yard run....
  6. Zeke was producing as a top 5 fantasy RB thru week 5 (counting that week 5 when Dak went down). The O-line was then further decimated and the season was basically down the tube, even though DAL was still alive due to the putrid NFC East. Tough to knock Zeke too hard for how his fantasy season went after week 5. CMC, Henry, Kamara, and DCook are all clearly going to be ranked over him. Then the questions start with the next tiers of RB - Chubb has to contend with KHunt. Where will AJones land? Will JTaylor and JRobinson to build on their rookie year success? Will Ekeler and Mixon bounce b
  7. Tough to get excited for DK given his extremely disappointing 2nd half of the 2020 season. SEA extending Carroll and the clear dissatisfaction of RWilson (who seems to want out) obviously does not bode well either. Best case scenario - the team improves the O-line, Wilson stays and seems happy - I rank him closer to WR10 in full PPR (Davante, Tyreek, Diggs, DeAndre, CRidley, JJefferson, AJ Brown, Keenan all over DK for sure for me). If Wilson leaves, he may not even be in my top 20.
  8. IMO the key will be the MIN Def in 2021. If they stink again this season, then a significant bump for the MIN passing offense. Irv Smith really came on late in the 2020 season. Still young and room to improve. Unless MIN adds another TE of note, tough to rank him outside the top 10 TE.
  9. Dolphins trade Tua, 2021 3rd overall pick (can they trade this pick back to HOU?), 2021 Dolphins 2nd rd pick to Texans for Watson. Who says no?
  10. If the NYJ miss out on Trevor, which now looks very likely, they should absolutely stick with Darnold IMO. Draft Sewell at #2 & have the best 2 young Tackles in football. They then have 4 other picks in the rds 1-3, including the SEA 2021 1st rounder. Take another interior lineman, RB & some defensive players. Worst case scenario is letting Darnold go & watching him flourish elsewhere, while their pick of Fields or ZWilson flops (and Sewell becomes an every year All Pro on CIN).
  11. I get your point but these types of big leaps in fantasy basketball happen with young, very good players more often than you’d think. Not saying it’s going to happen this year with Fox but I’d put him in a small group of players that fit the age/profile.
  12. I would not say LaVine is a facilitator, he’s a scorer. So is Coby White. That’s why I think we will see some 3 G lineups with Satoransky/LaVine/White. Tomas is 6’7” & LaVine is 6’6”, so that’s a small ball lineup that can match up defensively with teams.
  13. He’s a good 4th/backup G to have on your fantasy team. New Bulls HC Donovan has no issue playing a 3 G lineup at times. He should average 10 PTS/5+AST/1STL/1 3PM & solid %’s & REB for a G. Upside there in case of LaVine or CWhite injury.
  14. I'm not sure yet, haven't looked at ADP as I don't think many meaningful drafts have taken place yet. Let's assume his ADP lands in the late middle rounds. I would take him a round our 2 earlier than that (so let's say target him in rounds 6-7). Again, assuming SAC does not sign Whiteside or trade for someone else of note at C.
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