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  1. Dolphins trade Tua, 2021 3rd overall pick (can they trade this pick back to HOU?), 2021 Dolphins 2nd rd pick to Texans for Watson. Who says no?
  2. If the NYJ miss out on Trevor, which now looks very likely, they should absolutely stick with Darnold IMO. Draft Sewell at #2 & have the best 2 young Tackles in football. They then have 4 other picks in the rds 1-3, including the SEA 2021 1st rounder. Take another interior lineman, RB & some defensive players. Worst case scenario is letting Darnold go & watching him flourish elsewhere, while their pick of Fields or ZWilson flops (and Sewell becomes an every year All Pro on CIN).
  3. I get your point but these types of big leaps in fantasy basketball happen with young, very good players more often than you’d think. Not saying it’s going to happen this year with Fox but I’d put him in a small group of players that fit the age/profile.
  4. I would not say LaVine is a facilitator, he’s a scorer. So is Coby White. That’s why I think we will see some 3 G lineups with Satoransky/LaVine/White. Tomas is 6’7” & LaVine is 6’6”, so that’s a small ball lineup that can match up defensively with teams.
  5. He’s a good 4th/backup G to have on your fantasy team. New Bulls HC Donovan has no issue playing a 3 G lineup at times. He should average 10 PTS/5+AST/1STL/1 3PM & solid %’s & REB for a G. Upside there in case of LaVine or CWhite injury.
  6. I'm not sure yet, haven't looked at ADP as I don't think many meaningful drafts have taken place yet. Let's assume his ADP lands in the late middle rounds. I would take him a round our 2 earlier than that (so let's say target him in rounds 6-7). Again, assuming SAC does not sign Whiteside or trade for someone else of note at C.
  7. One other relevant point that I forgot to add - Holmes is 27 and in the final year of his contract. He'll be an UFA next off-season, so there's a ton of incentive for him to ball-out and land a nice multi-year deal next summer.
  8. Good real life NBA player and obviously does provide a lot of fantasy positives in FG%/PTS/REB/AST. However, his lack of 3PM/BLK/STL really limits his fantasy upside. I'm going to pass given his likely ADP due to his lack of output in 3's and the defensive categories.
  9. I'm really torn on SGA for fantasy this season. On one hand, I can see him fully blowing up as the clear main guy on OKC. The MPG & usage should be huge and his counting stats should increase across the board. However, the major loss of talent on OKC may hurt his efficiency and opposing teams may solely focus on stopping him (however, that thought process can be overrated as many teams don't put forth a great effort on defense). I am betting that talent and opportunity win out and SGA has a very good year for fantasy but there is still some lingering doubt in the back of my mind. Wort
  10. I don't think people remember or quite understand how good Holmes was before his early Jan 2020 injury. Once he started getting starters minutes (he eventually started) on 10/28/19 - his injury on 1/6/2020 (34 game span), Holmes was the #13 per game 9-cat player and #32 per game 8-cat. That's incredibly valuable! Since that super productive span, the Kings have gone on to trade Dedmon and Alex Len just signed with TOR. SAC did not draft or have not signed in FA any C of note. Unless I'm forgetting someone, Whiteside is the only impact FA C left on the market. Assuming he does not end
  11. Still a bunch of teams that need a starting C that could sign him - NOH, OKC, DAL & SAC. Still a decent chance that Whiteside lands somewhere where he will see 25+ MPG & provide pretty good fantasy value
  12. Should return very similar fantasy value to 19-20, which was very good. At 26, definitely still room for improvement too. Non-fantasy wise, TOR got a great deal on him IMO. GHayward at 4 years older making $9M more per year can’t sit great with FVV...
  13. A 35 year old Millsap on a 1 year team friendly deal is better than a 26 year old JGrant on a big multi-year deal. Would be nuts if JaMychal or Millsap block MPJr but coaches aren’t always the brightest & crazier things have happened. Bottom-line though is that his competition for minutes at SF & PF isn’t as daunting as it could have been.
  14. Easy top 10 fantasy player who can climb even higher this year with continued improvement in FG% and slight increases in other stats (mainly AST & STL).
  15. I was going to mention Barton in my post but didn’t want to ramble on too much. Basically, DEN would be crazy to start him over MPJr & Barton should be in the second unit. His minutes will/should be monitored given his injury issues the last couple seasons.
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