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  1. Really? I'm about to use one of my 3 pickups on this guy for the championship week! Am I crazy?
  2. Following. Wondering if this guy is an absolute must-add in a 16 team league.
  3. I think you'd be out of your mind to do this deal. Simple. Please see mine:
  4. Yeah? Most ROS rankings I'm seeing have Soroka ranked higher amongst pitchers than Tatis is amongst hitters. Soroka's ceiling looks pretty high to me...Sorry, just trying to convince myself here hahaha
  5. See league format in sig. I've been offered Soroka and Adames for my Tatis Jr. Love both Tatis and Soroka so I'm having a tough time deciding. Post your link and I'll gladly return the favor! Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the help! I'm gonna go with Thor as well. There's something terribly wrong with Nola this year; my theory is there's a nagging injury.
  7. Is Polanco definitely your worst player? If so, I'd consider adding Soler over him but definitely not Smoak. Ideally you want to wait out Polanco for another couple of weeks, but someone might snag Soler before then... Thanks for the help with mine!
  8. I've been offered Adalberto Mondesi and Marcel Ozuna for my Mookie Betts and Fernando Tatis in my 16 team h2h categories league (see categories below; kind of a unique league) Such a tough call; should I pull the trigger? WHIR - post your link! Thanks in advance!
  9. I disagree ^^^. In a league like that I'd hold. Boyd is still underrated and I'm high on Nunez. Puig is not in my good books this season hahaha Please see mine!
  10. I wouldn't talk anyone out of dropping Iglesias for all the potential out there on the wire right now. Please see my post:
  11. Garcia would be my only drop for this guy. Regular 16 team head to head league with OBP as an added category. Thanks in advance!
  12. It's Polanco for me 110%. Please see mine!
  13. I've been offered Andrew Mccutchen and Mike Moustakas for my Rhys Hoskins and Roberto Osuna in a 16 team head to head league. Should I pull the trigger? Post your link and I'll gladly return the favor!
  14. This is a no brainer! Ozuna AND Moncada for a struggling JoRam!? KEEP YOUR GUYS!! Please see mine
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