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  1. Bump... We have some good owners who have joined so far. Still looking to round out the league and get a draft going.
  2. We got a few owners already. What we came up with is a 7x7 H2H multi-cat league. HR, RBI, R, SB, SO, AVG, OPS and for pitching HLD, QS, SV, K, W, ERA, WHIP. 49 round draft includes the 15 MiLB roster. and next year and on out we will just have a 5 round MiLB draft. it is a full dynasty league. slow draft serpentine style.
  3. I am thinking of starting a new 14-15 team full dynasty league on Fantrax. Categories would be : Hitting - HR, OPS, R, RBI, SB, AVG, XBH Pitching - ERA, HLD, K, QS, SV, WHIP, W I am thinking 45 man rosters including a 15 man MiLB roster and slow serpentine style draft. If anyone is interested in joining and/or being the co-commissioner I can create the league and we can get a draft going possibly this weekend.
  4. Update; we are full and draft has just begun. But we have one possible owner who may have abandoned the league before the draft. His first selection was auto-picked and he hasn't replied to e-mails. IF anyone is interested in taking over his team for the rest of the slow draft let me know. I'll send you an invite and give you that owner's abandoned team so you'll be able to participate in the rest of the draft. Also it is a free league.
  5. I created a 14 team dynasty league on fantrax with 15 MiLB spots on the roster. It is a 7x7 roto league and I included the option to make it a pay league but I haven't determined how much yet. I already have 4 teams including mine. I hope to build a tight knit league for years to come. I will let all the owners decide how much money if any they want to pay and come up with the prizes. If interested just PM me and I can tell you more. I haven't set a draft date but my plan is to draft as soon as we fill the league in a live online draft with snake order.
  6. I am interested in joining or starting a 1st year Dynasty/keeper league with a small buy-in. I am most familiar with Fantrax and Yahoo and already have some good league settings I saved from a keeper league I was in many years ago. Just PM me if this is something you are interested in or reply here.
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