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  1. Aside from what's already been said about peripheral stats, one of the more encouraging parts of his recent statlines has been his fg attempts. He's getting 7+ attempts since starting, just has been shooting poorly in recent weeks (career ~45%). In the couple Detroit games I've watched he doesn't look to be taking bad shots, they just don't seem to be falling.
  2. Kanter looks like he exited holding his hand, could be good news for Nurk owners.
  3. Maybe he plays in a 45 team league, you don't know his life.
  4. I think the blurb was based on the nba injury report which isn’t always the most reliable.
  5. Pretty insane considering we got a 4-6 week timetable and he's already done a full practice. I'm tempering expectations, but definitely good news.
  6. Small update. Last Rotoworld blurb makes it sound like he's not doing anything.
  7. For what it’s worth, saw him off crutches at the Clippers game today.
  8. I never said he didn't get injured? I was referring to you saying he's one of the "most injury prone bigs". I feel like 2 seasons of long term injuries out of 11 doesn't qualify him as such. So I looked at other bigs in the league and compared.
  9. I never said Larrys not doing well. Just if you’re going to spew bs, you deserve to get called out on it. And btw, BBM takes only a few seconds to just click around the few bigs who are top 50.
  10. So are we just claiming things on these forums now with 0 basis? The only early round PF/C who has missed fewer games in the last 4 seasons (or most available if fewer than 4 i.e. Embiid only really has 2) per season than Horford is KAT. Even Nance has missed on average 18 games per season in his last 3 seasons vs. Horford who missed 7.5 games per season in his last 4 seasons. This was the sentiment before the season started, but both Drew and Lue showed that's not really the case. Took long term injuries to TT and Love before Nance even got a whiff of consistent minutes. Defini
  11. This thread is literally the dumbest "discussion" on these forums. Either people bashing on dipo or people beating a dead horse about bad trades now that dipo is healthy. Mods need to delete the last like 5 pages of this thread.
  12. Probably a mistake, but injury report shows him as active? https://ak-static.cms.nba.com/referee/injury/Injury-Report_2018-12-21_05PM.pdf
  13. I know AD is practically consensus #1 draft, but I told myself 2 seasons ago I’d never draft the guy because I can’t handle how often he visits the locker room. Just not worth the heart attacks. Although if you’re a seasoned AD owner maybe you’re numb to it at this point.
  14. Easy cut if you're in 12-team or fewer. Maybe borderline in 14? Although I'd probably still cut there. What's funny is everyone said there's no way he could keep up his shooting percentages, but he's still at a respectable 53% on the season about 1/3 of the way through. Still, his volume is just too low to make that worth holding him for.
  15. Official Nuggets update is fracture on right big toe. If there's any possible optimism here, in 2011 Gallinari fractured his large left toe and was out 7-10 days.
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