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  1. This is a 9 cat h2h league where we use ftm and 3% instead of ft% and TO which side you rather have in dynasty?
  2. Recruiting for 30 teams NBA Dynasty Dispersal Draft (50$ LEAGUE) Hello guys, I have been around and have started 2 successful dynasties here in the past (still running) But we need Managers for Dispersal draft for a few teams that are leaving Around 8-10 teams depending on who pays on last due date). The Rules will be given once you join the chat but here are the basics. We are in our 4th year in this league. 1. This is a 50$ League but since we pay a year in advance and the previous owner has already paid for this year, you will essentially play for free this year. But you do h
  3. Hey maybe the stocks coming back!! His shots will fall more then not so if atleast his blocks come back that’s great. Would be nice if he gets a coach to teach him how to box out though.
  4. That is my point. Only difference is minutes and that does take him closer to a top 100-120 player. Which is fine for a 11/12th guy but i rather have my 11 /12 guy as streamers or looking for the next hot prospect.
  5. well he will not be playing with richaun. richaun will be backup. Likely will be bagley and dedmon
  6. There will always be tough games but when you combine tough games with 20-25 min slot, that’s when you start getting inconsistent stat lines. Richaun will be your 11 or 12th guy which means he will be an excellent streamer once bagley is back. That’s about it.
  7. The 4 game road trip I think is over! Where is the update at!
  8. Last few games have been unfortunately bad. And Dedmon played good tonight. And this I think was the 4th game of the toad trip so bagley will get an update. When bagley does start, Richaun should still hold a 20-25 min slot and should still be 12 teamed but end of the bench type which means streaming that spot will be more valuable. I think the ride is over .
  9. Kid hs 1.7 steals upside I think. Now all he needs to do is chuck more 3s and he is fantasy gold. His assists are also trending up fast.
  10. Please don’t be allergic to rebounding today!!!!
  11. Put my top claim in for Mitchell Robinson!!! Lez go! Him and Jjj better not give me a headache tonight.
  12. To many mouths to feed. Just expect low points /reb but high defensive numbers. It will get worse once dipo comes.
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