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  1. Totally agree. Drafting this dude was like asking for change for a dollar and getting seventy cents. Yes, you may have got 2 shiny quarters and 2 perfectly good dimes...but you didn't get what you paid for.
  2. This guy has turned into a fantasy WWF heel over the last 3 weeks, between the 'not playing' posts and opting to not score a free TD. WHY JAKE WHY OH WHY
  3. At least we know he didn't catch it from Lamar. *groan*
  4. Rotoblurb: Jackson missed two drives in the locker room with fourth-quarter cramps, only to return for a 4th-and-5 with 1:51 to play after Trace McSorley injured his knee on a third-down sack. Jackson hit a streaking Brown for a 440yard touchdown to put the Ravens up 42-35 following a two-point conversion. A 440 yard TD was exactly what I needed....darn tease!!
  5. Uhhh...why be active and not play? Is Gruden trying to fake somebody out at the cost of an active roster spot? wtf?!?!
  6. Yes. The setup for ARod today simply looks just too good to be true to have it all work out as expected. Remember, this is still 2020! 220 yards 2 TDs, QB17 for the week.
  7. Do you dance with the date that brought you? Right now I'm flirting with some uglier backups that are 'almost' sure-things to put out some production and avoid the dreaded donut, which I fear is a real possibility with JJ. He's had less than a full-time role when healthy lately as well, and as much as I hate so say it, game script may not be in our favor!
  8. I was the toddler that couldn't resist the marshmellow and want to start this dude just to have some skin (not red of course) in tonight's game. Please talk me out of it!!!!
  9. I would gladly sell whatever is left of my eternal soul for this to happen! Alas; there is no soul left after that Jets game. Totally worth it though!
  10. Congrats on the TD but do not get used to Reed being available. He just may concuss himself putting his facemask back on on the sidelines!
  11. Mostert + Jeff Wilson averaging a lofty 5.7 YPC....but have 13 carries combined while Mullens slings it 40 times. Hmmm...
  12. Anybody else wait all weekend for Scary Terry and Mostert a la Linus in the pumpkin patch? It is both cruel and unusual punishment for my fantasy season to end during a lockdown!!! P.S. I bet DraftKings goes nuts over the next 2 weeks
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