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  1. Tough but I'd go for Sexton if you're quite set at bigs. I'm actually pretty high on him since he still has a lot of things that he can improve on.
  2. I was offered Harden for Bam and Sexton in a 16 man H2H 9 cat league. Is this a no brainer accept?
  3. Imagine me getting Sexton and Ibaka for Fultz, Kyle Anderson and Nerlens Noel. Definitely my best move thus far. Worth the wait
  4. I'll get Ayton, the potential is there and it's still early in the season.
  5. Unfortunately yes so I made trades which for the most part has benefited my team
  6. I think you can get more for Wall. Oubre and Lopez haven't been good to start the season. Help? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/836130-please-rate-my-team-whir/
  7. It's a 16 man 9 cat h2h league. PG/SG: Sexton, Smart, Brogdon, Elfrid Payton SF: Alec Burks (IL), Keldon Johnson, Dillon Brooks PF/C: Adebayo, Ibaka, Zeller (IL), Covington, Horford, John Collins Currently have Dotson and Precious Achiuwa as my streamers. Can you let me know what moves you think I should make? Thanks!
  8. I'm in a 16 man 9 cat h2h league. Hope you can rate the team and trade made as well I get: Sexton and Ibaka I give: Kyle Anderson, Fultz and Noel After the trade, my team will be: PG/SG: Fox, Elfrid Payton, Sexton, Smart SF: Burks, Otto Porter, Keldon Johnson PF/C: Gobert, Bam, RoCo, Al Horford and Ibaka IL: Cody Zeller I'll be streaming for players for my last spot.
  9. I'm in a 16 team 9 cat H2H league. I tried punting point,s ft% and 3's. Hope you can suggest who should I target (I would love to get Ben Simmons but don't know what to offer) PG/SG: Fultz, Smart, Fox, Hayes, Satoransky(flier) SF: Otto Porter, Burks, Kyle Anderson PF/C: Adebayo, Gobert, Horford, Covington and Noel
  10. Thanks for mine . For me Marcus Smart Killian Hayes Murray White Bogdabovic
  11. 6 team, 9 cat H2H league. I tried to be competitive in all categories: PG/SG: Dame, Beal, Jrue, Murray SF: PG13, OG PF/C: Jokic, Valanciunas, RoCo, Nurkic, Turner, Horford, Brook Lopez
  12. So glad I scooped him up after being dropped by a frustrated manager early in the season
  13. To be honest, I only drafted this guy as a handcuff for Booker if he goes down with an injury but I'm positively shocked in his first few games. Looks like I got a steal.
  14. 9 cat 12 team h2h league PG/SG: Kemba, Fox, D. Wright SF: Josh Richardson, Will Barton, Danny Green, Isa ac PF/C: Towns, Powell, Bagley, Brook Lopez, Looney, Wendell Carter Jr.
  15. In a 9 cat 14 team h2h league. My team is: PG/SG: Curry, Brogdon, Teague, Simmons, Augustin SF: RoCo, Miles Bridges, Danny Green PF/C: Vucevic, Mcgee, Bagley, Zubac, Portis. I'm being offered Fox for Simmons straight up, should I take it?
  16. Thanks for the inputs. Any thoughts on who I should target to further improve my team?
  17. Hi All, We just finished drafting and I got the first pick. It's a 12 team 9 cat h2h league. Hope you can rate my team. Thanks in advance PG/SG: Trae Young, Brogdon, Morant, Teague, Hayward SF: Giannis, Covington, Barton, Danny Green PF/C: Gobert, Brook Lopez, Milsap, Zubac
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