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  1. Seems like Durant and Griffin will be rested enough games though.
  2. This stuff is pure gold, you are a gem man. Thanks for the laughs and the knowledge.
  3. What about now with Pat Bev being out 3-4 weeks minimum?
  4. Oh man, this really blows, especially for him of course but crap, he was a key part.
  5. I should have said 4 games for Sato, that's how long he has had his new role as a starter, my bad. I miss the part where I said that Sato is must have and that TJ is so bad (I owned him for over 2 months), seems like a straw man argument you are making here. What I did say is considering their current situations, I feel more confident in Sato going forward, unless something changes. They are both end of bench guys to me and the difference might be slight but I prefer Sato for now. If minutes were even, I would prefer TJ but I don't play in leagues that go by per minute stats, do they
  6. That would be me and I stand by it, Sato has been a better player in those 5 games. I'm glad you are excited about last night's game but the fact is Satoransky has been better in that span and I am more confident in his role going forward. It is hard to make a legitimate argument for that player for that span when statistically he was the lesser of the two. Have you ever heard the saying "Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been"? Past/current stats are relevant but it is about making the best projections going forward with the information we have. I ran with TJ for over 2
  7. I am one of them but I don't regret it, heck of a game but if you tally up the stats over the last 5, clearly the right decision. I will be keeping an eye though, and if he has a good game in a non blowout next, will scoop.
  8. I think it's drop time. I feel safe leaving him on the wire for now and if will keep an eye on him in case the situation changes.
  9. I think he hurt his wrist the other night, maybe that has something to do with it? I will give it the week and see how it goes going forward with Levert playing.
  10. My instincts are telling me land the big fish and Mikal is becoming a very good player. It's close but overall it's a win to me.
  11. Yeah, Donte seems to have a low ceiling right now. Drop him. Please help in return. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/837412-trade-my-thad-young-for-jarrett-allen-whir/
  12. Hi, team, categories and punt build in my signature. Should I do this deal? My thinking is Thad is ballin like crazy right now but should settle down once Lauri and WCJ return, meanwhile Allen could be huge down once they deal Drummond and those blocks would be very helpful. For added context, I am in 2nd and should have no problem holding on for the bye.
  13. This man isn't a streamer anymore, he is a centrepiece.
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