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  1. Welp. I guess another week of now towns lol
  2. Should I take the deal?? I have bam And Lowry
  3. 4 games this week. He probably will play end of the week
  4. Should I trade towns for Lillard? Sucks he been injured. I’m afraid he may be out for the season
  5. Should I pull the trigger or nah? League settings on sig
  6. ehhh. I can only imagine the load magement on AD.
  7. dam. i passed on AD. had 4th pick giannis, luka, and harden first 3. I picked Towns over AD. I hope i dont regret this.
  8. This sucks! I was expecting bigger things smh
  9. Is #1 waiver worth it on him? I’m locked I. The playoffs
  10. This guy just got dropped on my league. Idk if it’s worth using the #1 waiver I have. I also have Wagner
  11. Its point league.. Is it worth picking up?
  12. I just dropped him too. Thikning about using #1 waiver on him.
  13. Im kinda need of a big right now. Collins still out. I have #1 waiver. Should I use it on Wagner? recently, Conley just went to the waiver righj now
  14. this guy has been trash. Thinking about dropping him for Tyus.
  15. My RBs are Dalvin Cook and David Johnson. QB is Russ Wilson. I was leaning on getting Darnold Due to his week 14 schedule. Should I use the waiver on him?
  16. Week 14 schedule looks great! Against Miami
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