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  1. https://twitter.com/shamscharania/status/1224009527718219776?s=21 nvm, saw posted above
  2. I actually like that roster, don't think you overspent anywhere. Mind sharing the results of the whole draft? Curious to see how much the rest of the guys went for
  3. With how skewed a lot of sites default rankings are (specifically ESPN right now), I feel like it's tough to gauge auction draft strategies as most mock drafts I've tried are trash. Does anyone have any results from their auction drafts they can share? Think having one place to aggregate them could be a good strategy for everyone's benefit
  4. Bump - let's fill these last 2! Draft this Sunday night!
  5. Running another year of my 10-team ESPN redraft league and have 4 spots remaining It'll be a live auction draft, 8-cat H2H daily league Payouts: Regular season 1st - $300 Regular season 2nd - $100 Playoffs 1st - $600 Playoffs 2nd - $300 Playoffs 3rd - $150 Playoffs consolation winner - $50 PM me if interested. Likely looking at a draft on October 6th Collecting payments through LeagueSafe
  6. Robinson easily in a keeper league IMO, though depends on your points settings I'm not sure I'd even keep Aldridge over either of them though
  7. Have this if you're interested. You wouldn't be taking over a team so to speak, but would have your chance to draft your team via a dispersal draft.
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