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  1. There will be a lot of garbage time yards this year for Boyd. They probably won't rush AJ Green back cause they''ll probably be out of PO contention early in the season. 3 out of 4 games at the start of the season are away games. Bengals are in weird position really, should be looking to trade their big contracts and enter a retool since the owner won't let tank and rebuild.
  2. Keep him for now.His next start is against the Braves.More than favourable.
  3. Drafted him in one of my leagues,seemed like I was getting a good price (14 teams,pick 212) but the guy flat out sucks.1 HR,19 flyballs for 5.3% HR/FB.It will normalize but at what cost.
  4. I get these "sell,sell" comments but in a highly competitive leagues,which most of us play,you're not getting Odor or a player of a similar caliber.Ride the streak and see what happens when pitchers adjust to his swing flaws.
  5. Hey what's up man? Fairly new to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.

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