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  1. Well that is more more "concrete" news that i expected. Gonna be hard pressed NOT to start him now.
  2. Some of the debate shoudl be: Will you start him if he plays? WIth the injury risk, i think most will still be hard pressed to do so.
  3. But he leaked it on his instagram story... so I dont know that your logic holds up. He could still sit out, but didnt seem like a leak in the way youre' saying
  4. Gotta say I like all your decisions. Jones/Henry are must starts, and Chark and Godwin are better bets than the others. I wouldnt trust Guice or Mixon. Lindsay is enticing but i like the WRs better.
  5. I think i'd go NO with that matchup. Ravens maybe with the higher upside though if you need points.
  6. Gotta agree with the others. Cohen is hard to trust
  7. In Standard, I have these 4 WR and can start 2: Tyler Lockett @ phi Godwin @ Atl Edelman v Dal J Brown v Den I'm starting 3 RBs (Jacobs/Chubb/Fournette). I could bench one of them to start another WR WHIR
  8. Coleman is the recieving back too. Mostert would fill Breidas "between the 20s" role if i had to guess. Thats what Mostert did earlier in the year too (when Wilson took the GL role)
  9. I think I’d take it. Good buy low sell high. I like Jackson too
  10. Thanks. Def not sold on him. They’re all solid starts so feels like a Coin flip. Appreciate the input 👍
  11. Agreed but breida and mostert are banged up. So tevin could be more of a volume play this time
  12. Crap I meant to say I can start 3. So i take it you’d start Jacobs over tevin?
  13. Can only start three of my RBs. Which two would you start? Non-ppr chubb at den jacobs vs det fournette v hou tevin at ari WHIR team also in signature
  14. Agreed. They don't have a backup capable of running between the tackles. So they're out to dry if he gets dinged up during a game. The announcers made this point during the last game when Richard came in. I wouldnt read into the workouts w/ Cj and any others too much.
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