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  1. Screw it, might as well grab him for the speculation that he might stay hot without Bog, Reddish, and Hunter. Definitely don't get your hopes up that Gallo is suddenly gonna start becoming his 2016/2019 self or something, because this is most likely his season highlight. But it's really hard to leave an established player who drops 38 with 10 treys on the wire. It's nice to see he can still fill it up, and he's only 32 (even though it seems like he's way older, haha).
  2. From Bazley's blurb: "But he's getting rebounds, steals and 3-pointers on most nights and is a better player than his recent numbers would suggest. In short, if someone drops him after the goose egg, don't be afraid to pick him up. " lol, I dropped him tonight after drafting/holding him and am laughing so hard at this. Sure, Diallo's injury will probably give him more shots, but Bazley's already at a huge allotment of minutes and is bricking enough treys as it is. What the blurb writer is forgetting to state is that Bazley's ranked 250 (!) overall this week, and a shocking 2
  3. Errrr ... Ahem. At least he has 4 more games this week. Right now, I'm trying not to watch the game and have his 35 point explosion on repeat on YT right now. Hope this makes y'all feel better.
  4. If you're getting KAT, noooo. If you're getting Kawhi, heck yes. Their roles are basically switched in this bizarre year: Oft-injured Kawhi's been playing through whatever he can and taking on B2Bs, while former ironman KAT has been sidelined for a long time due to COVID (which is a particular struggle for him), and with the Wolves tanking (and an incentive to do so), it's not likely they'll continue to play KAT as much.
  5. Erg ... That's a tough one. I'd actually consider it, given the Wolves have absolutely no incentive to rush DLo back (one of the most obvious tanks, since they suck and they can keep the pick owed GSW if they go bottom 3), especially considering DLo's been injured fairly consistently in the past. If you're worried about surviving for the POs, do whatever you can to survive. Remember that if you miss the POs, you could have the best team in the world, but you're done and you'll start from scratch next year (unless you're dynasty/keeper). A word of warning as a Wiseman (2x) owner: you go
  6. As a Drummond owner, I'd take that in a heartbeat. Don't get me wrong, I hate Westbrook for 9-cat too, but he's producing and playing. Drummond's not only taking up space (as in, not even INJ eligible), but it's not guaranteed he'll be traded any time soon. Not only that, but if he goes to an unfavorable location, he could see his numbers drop considerably. Soooo even with DD (in which Westy excels, given he can get a DD in boards or assists), I'd strongly recommend passing. At the very least, try to take more from the Drummond owner, since I'm assuming they're getting killed in the l
  7. Should probably specify which Murray (Jamal or Dejounte). Same goes for Powell (Norm/Dwight ... though I'm hoping to god you're not using Dwight in a 12-teamer). Both have similar value to me, and I think I'd do it either way. Would much rather have Ingram's upside.
  8. Mmmm, I dropped Cousins to stream in a shallow league. I'd be fine with gambling on Time Lord (I only managed to swipe him in one league) for this 4 game week. It's possible Theis/TT rests in the B2B tomorrow/Wed. I'd pass on Rolo unless you feel really lucky on streaming that 5 gamer. Even though he'll outnumber Time Lord in raw games played, it's also possible he drops a dud (then again, the same could be said for Time Lord).
  9. Eh, I think you were buying Lonzo and Boucher both pretty high - it's a gamble considering both will be affected by trade rumors (Lonzo is a target to get shipped out, while Drummond is linked to the Raptors currently), and CP3 is absolutely on fire. Bagley's more of a toss-in, but I could see him increasing his minutes (IIRC, he's on a minutes limit due to last year's injury). I would've held, but it's not the worst trade if you needed blocks.
  10. I'll admit I've never been a fan of Randle for 9-cat, and this year's numbers are ridiculous, since his FT% and 3P% (and 3PM) have made some ridiculous strides (+7% and +13%) from last year, causing his treys to nearly double and thus increase his PPG by 4. I'd say it's actually sustainable, given Thibs' penchant for running his players into the ground and NY's lack of depth at PF/C (doesn't look like they want to play Toppin, and it's just Taj/Noel behind the injured Mitch Rob). I've grabbed Thad and I love his production, but still have to wonder if they'll continue to play him when Ot
  11. Man I'm looking so stupid for saying this dude doesn't get too many stocks ... Very happy to have been proven wrong. Watching the game, it's crazy obvious that he took advantage of a C-less Rockets team (the guys around him were like, 6'6ish, until the 6'9 Kurucs came in late game and actually managed to block his easy layup), hence the stats for tonight. And many of his shots were hooks from about 10 feet that honestly made me a bit nervous until they went in. Still, definitely not complaining if he can keep this up. The minutes (28) were the best part of the night for me. Better hope
  12. lol, I think the biggest difference is that Coby doesn't really like going to the line or seeking to take fouls; he usually gets to the line only about once or twice at most during a game. But yeah, I could definitely see him more as a fireplug off the bench 6th man who can carry the reserves. I think the Bulls really need someone to facilitate and while Coby's getting better, that's not his game right now. Also, tonight's game was sweet. Kid had the hot hand early and while that fall was sorta scary, at least he managed to shrug it off and continue his good night. Played some prett
  13. Haha, I could've sworn he was given SF eligibility until you mentioned it. It's sorta difficult to argue the point FOR SF eligibility simply because the Rockets are basically playing 3-4 SFs alongside Wall right now, esp without Cousins and Wood. Brown, Nwaba, EG, House, Tucker could all be considered forwards. I do think Tate's really a SF though, with the way he plays. As far as his production, it looks like the sky's the limit for him. A good amount of steals, treys, and boards in about 30 mpg. But the real gold is the efficiency. 71% FT is pretty awful, but the almost nonexi
  14. I think we're gonna have to disagree here then. I don't wanna get into a "I'm a bigger fan than you" or "I've watched more games than you" matchup, because that's just stupid and a waste of time. I guess we're seeing different things. I'm just gonna say that, again, I'm a BA native who's been following the Dubs since before Adonal Foyle; I'm impressed with Wiseman, and I think Looney often looks helpless out there - He got backed down and scored on in three straight possessions by Jrue Holiday of all people in the playoffs two years ago. The league's quickly rotating from small lineups
  15. I dunno, I just don't think winning and playing Wiseman are mutually exclusive. When he was playing, he played well and did exactly what the Dubs wanted and needed - he blocked shots, took up space, and was, for the most part, a pretty good shooter and inside presence on offense. As a BA native, watching the games made me excited to see the big man the Dubs never had (after having gone through mostly small ball, mediocre bigs, and a few years of Bogut). The losses early on were basically seeing Wiggins and Oubre brick wide open treys, and either playing without Dray or waiting for him
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