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  1. Yeah, this is exactly why I think the Raps with at least try to win a few games before giving up. Still, they got basically blown out by a Lakers team without Lebron, AD, Drummond and Harrell. That would've been a good time to play some of their guys if healthy, so FVV really must not be THAT close (and he's out tomorrow too) if they are in must-win mode. Happy with Flynn and what he's producing but his value is obviously tied to Lowry and FVV being out, so the more games the Raptors lose, the better for Flynn.
  2. Good luck. For IL+ stacking and schedule purposes, I think I'm forced to hold on in one league, but yeah, it's really tempting to dump him as well. Even if he had only taken like, 1 shot or something, at least it doesn't hurt FG%. But he's been shooting so badly for the last month that even in middling-low volume, it really adds up, especially if your team isn't great at FG% to begin with.
  3. The Celts? Probably Tatum given they both play PF. Tatum's also probably more used to closing out on shooters, though given the body sizes of the PF/Cs involved on both teams, I suppose the matchups could be switched.
  4. He had me in the first half, ain't gonna lie. Handcuffed him as a FVV owner in a few leagues and I'm fairly happy with the minutes and production, although I'm guessing the wheels fall off at any moment.
  5. Dang it, I sorta wanted him to suck so I'd have a reason to finally get rid of him and use his spot to stream (he only has 2 more games this week). I guess he still exists, but yeah, relying on him is probably not wise. LOL, someone dropped a #2 pick in a keeper? That's ... gutsy. Wiseman might be pretty awful now, but he at least provides the Dubs with a serviceable big and a backup plan for next year. Kerr, the FO, and the players have all stated how important he is to their long-term plans. He looks raw as heck, but this is a decision you regret 3-4 years from now in a keepe
  6. Eh, he's against the Knicks, and comparing Noel's game to Embiid's is like comparing Andre Roberson to Curry (well, I'm exaggerating, but yeah). I highly doubt Time Lord gets even close to fouling out.
  7. I don't know what's worse, Justin dropping 2 points, a board and a block and nothing else (well, except missing shots) even without Sabonis and Brogdan AND Myles leaving mid-game, or me being stupid enough to have this guy rostered in two leagues where I need production. Gonna hold for tonight's game and dump him. He could get hot again, but I just can't take the extreme inconsistency especially during this pivotal time. Would much rather have a hot Bullock or Bertans (or basically any decent FA) than an ice-cold Justin.
  8. Ugh, I expected him to struggle against Embiid ... Just a little bump in the road, ain't worried.
  9. Out again today. With the Lakers only playing 3 games this week, he might as well take the week off. Ugh, I regret drafting so many players in multiple leagues, and this guy is definitely one of them, considering he's been out for months and also out during the time I need him the most.
  10. Out today, it looks like, along with Brogdon. Dunno if he'll play tomorrow. I'd sorta expect him to skip that one too, but he might just tough it out. The Pacers are 9th in the league and while that's good for that new play-in spot, it's still not ideal for PO purposes. Just sad that he has to be out during this crucial time when owners are desperately fighting for a fantasy PO spot themselves.
  11. Probably should take this one to the AC forums. But eh, Jaden was in foul trouble tonight and while DLo's back, Beasley's gone now, so it might balance out a bit more than you'd think. Wolves are obv tanking too, so I'd keep Jaden. Relying on an injured K Love on a rebuilding team is wasting a roster spot, IMO. Back to Bertans, I think Beal and Rui out means he'll at least get some shots. Whether he actually makes them is another story. Dude often looks so gassed out there and when he's cold, his shots are almost always short (he shoots most of his shots straight away or above the
  12. Agreed with y'all. He seems like he'll be that 6th man scoring punch off the bench. Still a little worried that he won't play in the B2Bs this week, but overall, his role on the team looks to be fairly solidified. If you don't need treys, he's def worth a look in most leagues.
  13. Geez. I have FVV in a few leagues but that line looks almost like FVV's. 4 more games and I'd expect FVV to sit a few at least with the way the Raps are probably gonna go tank-mode.
  14. Calm down dude. I do regret making that statement though, my wording wasn't as appropriate as I'd like. I just mean to say that he's been out quite a while and that length is comparable to some guys who have been sidelined by "health and safety concerns".
  15. Dude this guy is still out today. Cavs' next game is Thursday. He might as well have covid for how long he's been out. I get the Cavs probably just want to tank, but this is getting ridiculous with how long his illness is taking for him to recover.
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