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  1. I like middleton side better. Gortat is straight garbage this year, green will be missing games due to tech fouls at some point. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690623-veto-worthy-whiteside-trade/
  2. I would lean towards butler side. Tyler is role is not cut out and he will go back to the bench
  3. The following trade has been processed in my 12 man H2H league.( 9 cat + FTM, 15 players per team) 1st seed team sent: R. Anderson J. Randall 10th seed team sent: H. Whiteside Since Ryan Anderson is barely rosterable this year, the trade comes out to be Whiteside for Randall. My personal opinion, it is very one sided, wanted to get others input too if people share my concern. It would be also awesome to get input from Whiteside owners as well, since he has not been doing well this season and is playing banged up. Leave your
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